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 Dowsing: Pre Cognitively Predicting Lightning Strikes

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Dowsing: Pre Cognitively Predicting Lightning Strikes Empty
PostSubject: Dowsing: Pre Cognitively Predicting Lightning Strikes   Dowsing: Pre Cognitively Predicting Lightning Strikes Icon_minitimeMon Nov 06, 2006 6:24 pm

This one I'm currently experimenting with:

Did you know it's possible to predict near future lightning strikes ?

I can hear you thinking to yourself about now saying, "C'mon now, How can you prove that ?"

Well, It's done pre cognitively thru Pensweep Dowsing and you can prove it to yourself with a little practice. It can only be done no more than seconds to 4 minutes ahead of the actual strike event due to the living, moving and growing nature of thunderstorms. ( you know Houdini even had limitations ) Longer term forecasting would not work on lightning strikes during my experimenting.

Here's how you set up the experiment for yourself: Go to a radar site link where there are any active storm's, use your mouse extract and reduce a portion of the map that looks active, then trace your close up zoom level section into a 7-12 mile map area roughly, off of your monitor very carefully, nearest the most active side of the storm, noting the direction of motion. You can sit at home and practice this on storms 100's of miles away. This is done thru the Pensweep technique also, so you'll have to know how to pensweep. Now to be fair only give yourself 1/4 mile leeway from strike position you marked by seconds to one minute advance of the strike, and 1/2 mile, for 2 to 4 minutes in advance of the actual strike, depending on forward storm speed this is a pretty fair test..

Use this E-Z link for your weather map, move to whatever regional station suites you..


You might be saying boy here's another nut bag, but this is a very real and repeatable experiment with some pensweeping experience. Likely it could be done locally using the finger twitch method to locate strike direction after your confident, but I'm not going to be standing in any lightning storm to prove that one myself any time soon.

After having accurately penswept 1000's of the 365 bodily Acupoints on countless people from many hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away, which are so faint they are undetectable except thru instrument on the skin by even practitioners. I thought well, why not try lightning then it sure Isn't as subtle a signal is it ?

This idea came about while reading a essay on the book "The PK Man". I thought I bet I can duplicate that type of event. "The PK Man" Tim Owens had been wowing people by predicting hurricane landfall's and lightning strikes, one of those events I had already tested and proven to be real in my own experimenting and had developed a technique for the hurricane landfall's when I heard about this story.

So I decided to try and unravel his Unique lone ability to predict lightning strikes, and by revealing there is a technique, remove the fear many people would have hearing about, or seeing anyone seemingly make lightning strike. (not likely) It was fear which he hoped to put in those he disliked, or that were skeptical of his abilities by doing this feat. So I set about debunking his egotistical mystique.. and that's almost the rest of the story, but not quite !

It seem's African shaman have had this not so unique ability for centuries, among many others... and that's the rest of the story.

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Dowsing: Pre Cognitively Predicting Lightning Strikes
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