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 Dowsing: Predicting future Earthquake's with Pensweep

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PostSubject: Dowsing: Predicting future Earthquake's with Pensweep   Dowsing: Predicting future Earthquake's with Pensweep Icon_minitimeWed Oct 25, 2006 5:24 pm

Earthquakes happen more frequently than most imagine on a regular basis 100's of times a day worldwide, most are just smaller and un notable. These micro and small scale events happen randomly and are a great way to expand and hone your Pensweeping abilities.

First you will need a map, print or redraw it as exact as possible, it is important your map rendering is not distorted for accuracy. For our map in this excersize lets use the same one you will gather your feedback data from afterward in the following days, by adding this link to your favorites.


Now you can track events worldwide from that site, make it enjoyable pick an area that will get you motivated, then change from time to time to stay motivated, additionally to pinpoint any proximity to smaller towns not listed on the seismic chart use Mapquest.


When attempting to predict seismic events be lenient on yourself in the beginning by using a 25 mile circumference for a acceptable hits, ( 12.5 miles either side of center) and begin sweeping in a diagonal motion from due north, make your intent to obtain activity for any near future events in a 1 to 3 days time frame from your present date, your target is the map listing magnitude, timeline, nearest town to the seismic epicenter by distance and direction for comparative future feedback. You will note several hits usually as you sweep, log and use the top 3-4 heavy responses each day to grade yourself, experiment and privately note any outcome for the lighter hits to form a guiding database as you progress improving your skill. When you think your getting good reduce your acceptable hit circumference, and acceptable time table to keep challenging yourself. If you want to practice isolating timelines and predicting Richter scale of intensity use a highly active location, those are the ones most peppered by blue or red dots like Parkfield, CA.
NOTE: Exclude the ease of the most active seismic locations on daily prediction practices seek only the locations outside those areas to fairly critique, grade and display your skill.

On the morning of June 27, 2006 I predicted 4 sites for earthquake activity using my north south sweeping technique, this is the sweeping direction that gives you the more immediate result for very near future seismic events. Within 24 hours all my locations showed hits and activity ranging from magnitude 3.4 downward. One having several trimmers where I had marked The Geysers,Ca and noted the presence of a visually un notable earthquake cloud, and another just southeast of Mammoth Lakes,Ca. Today there is a renewed interest in the scantily known atmospheric phenomena called earthquake clouds, which actually dates back to its first noted successful prediction being on Oct 25, 1622 in Ningxia, China. A earthquake cloud is a singular thread cloud that runs with the wind direction, similar to the smoke cloud from a fire with a defined point of origin,but in the sky not ground based. Saying that the wind was blowing west the tail or east side locates the future epicenter. It was the lack of clouds above and around this area that pinpointed the original discovery to the phenomena, through this lack of cloud formation in a area of blue sky being funnel shaped except for a pencil line type dark thin cloud billowing that refuses to move within it, anchored against the wind stationary that has now been seen on satellite recognizance sometimes lasting days in a row, that signals a upcoming large scale seismic event when seen. Experimenting with that effect, as my intent I found even the weak seismic activity that resonates through subterranean forces grinding with a prolonged action with small trimmers also produce this same effect but are invisible magnetic flare up's creating no cloud formation notable at all by satellite, but can be located through intent pensweeping for it.. This can be seen as a second proof to your hit response over any prescanned location, and an added assurance of a looming future seismic event.

Lastly after you have drawn up your Richter scale graph watch your original readings and predictions as a group, for this reason, say you read a 2.1 magnitude and it was a 3.1, if the rest had that same + / - error consistently mentally note that for your next days log and compensate for it you'll be on target with your magnitude numbers. There are other indicators more rare that have happened and are noted caused by opposing hemispheric solar eclipse, direct solar eclipse and also cyclic solar / lunar events to watch for, but they are not helpful to pen sweeping directly.

Dowsing: Predicting future Earthquake's with Pensweep Earthqkcloudck5
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Dowsing: Predicting future Earthquake's with Pensweep
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