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 Dowsing: Predicting Hurricanes using Pensweep

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Dowsing: Predicting Hurricanes using Pensweep Empty
PostSubject: Dowsing: Predicting Hurricanes using Pensweep   Dowsing: Predicting Hurricanes using Pensweep Icon_minitimeWed Oct 25, 2006 5:21 pm

Weather is always a popular topic for conversation, but when it comes down to severe weather it can have serious impact. With Hurricanes over vast area's and sometimes with catastrophic damage, carrying a high risk to life and limb. Listening and heeding warning is highly advisable, but for some additional personal satisfaction and incite on predicting any future landfalls for yourself, practice this exercise.

Foremost to this 1st exercise in Pensweep is it must be based on clear mental intent and pre written purposed tasking before you begin. By writing a specified timeline, date and region in question, mentally noting that as your clear intended question before you begin scanning. For your subconscious to respond to thru your nervous systems automatic reflexes. This is the key to accurate results ! Any sharp noises or distractions after you begin are detrimental to good results as in any task you undertake.

Example: Where will Hurricane Louie landfall ? or Where will any hurricane landfall from M/D/Y to M/D/Y in any immediate 1-10 day future period upcoming. Results vary the further out in time you attempt to scan. Beyond 3 weeks to 3 months future timelines can begin to warp for beginners and experienced alike beyond dates recorded by as much as 5 to 10 days, but will occur, so in your practicing make notes and adjustments as you learn .

Now with a pen, map and tracing paper (or by photocopying any desired map) overlay your map with the tracing paper .Trace the Coastal area to be scanned for any future landfall (s). Using your Pen begin Sweeping over water to get the free flowing feel of motion. Then begin sweeping across the coastline from furthest point away your location sweeping toward your area. Crossing back and forth over the coastline with a average rhythm of 2-3 sweeps per second. The pace that feels most natural to you is the one to use. Your sweeping direction will first sense the resistance of outer wind fields then those more severe closer to center, mark each . After marking the center or eye having already passed thru the outer wind fields from whichever direction you chose to begin your sweep your resistance then again will quickly fade. Your Body and Hand must remain relaxed to sense subtle changes in resistance thru out your scan. This requires no thought or conscious intent past your original question just be sensitive to your own body's change in resistance while sweeping your pen scanning, locating and marking those key points. Note the different levels in resistance the heaviest being nearest the eye.

Again at some point you will suddenly feel a heaviness or resistance in your hand during the sweeping motion, when the intent being the Hurricane's outer wind field has been located. You must mark and pinpoint, that place before moving on to clear your subconscious. Continuing and slowly moving ahead feeling the same resistance again indicates the storms stronger wind field growing in intensity. Marking those 1 or 2 more times before you reach center is normal. Then your pen should sweep freely once again over any remainder of coastline in question. This will be your landfall area. Placing a divider at eye center you can estimate the circumference of the hurricanes wind feilds. Left or right handed you always work your way into the land mass and wind fields toward the eye don't be confused by the first mark. Making a vertical MPH chart after you can also discover wind speed. Intending its central location a distance inland will give you it's path.

Another note about tracking landfalls going week by week, use a separate unmarked map for each week. It is possible that 2 different hurricanes may pass over the same location over a few weeks in any season. So avoid using a single map to mark on repeatedly for any extended time frame, again use separate unmarked dated maps. Otherwise you may exclude a important future double landfall to the same area taking it as a false read and have very undesirable results. As happened last hurricane season in 2005.

Rough sketch and detail of directional indications for reading land falling hurricane center at landfall and it's wind fields below.

Dowsing: Predicting Hurricanes using Pensweep Hurricanedirectionkp1

For the storm that skirt's a coastline you will note and mark the beginning point of resistance thru it's exiting point where your sweeping different markings different feel you will learn practicing. Then you will feel free again and without resistance. Note these angles will not feel as pinpoint halting or heavy to just one area you will feel more elongated broad area of resistance to your sweeping scan unlike the tighter combination wind fields.

Lastly the storm who's eye never quite reaches shore or landfalls and outer band bumps the coastline, but the effects of its wind field are felt.( below ) This requires some practice and experience to detect correctly, but basically its a singular mark worth noting that will feel like a weaker small bubble of stormy resistance. These methods require some practice.

Dowsing: Predicting Hurricanes using Pensweep Pensweephbblskrtfc5

With worldwide detailed mapping available today we can Pensweep both distant pacific Typhoons as well as the Atlantic Hurricane season to gain experience and confidence practicing. In some cases as a hobby in others preparing us for our own storm well in advance of any public notice to determine our families safety prior to any events targeting our own back yard possibly.

NOTE: Being proficient at anything including Pensweep Dowsing requires many real practices under actual unfolding scenarios to build your skills and database...
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Dowsing: Predicting Hurricanes using Pensweep
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