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 My 4/1/2006 Try at Predicting Lottery Numbers

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My 4/1/2006 Try at Predicting Lottery Numbers Empty
PostSubject: My 4/1/2006 Try at Predicting Lottery Numbers   My 4/1/2006 Try at Predicting Lottery Numbers Icon_minitimeSun Oct 29, 2006 6:45 pm

I gave the lotto a shot for the drawing on 4 /1/ 2006. Doing 3 tickets due to a flucuation among my hits among numerical's, it was annoying close to see the one off numbers on 2 different lines staggered but expected, whenever you try something new.
My 3rd line was like a wild card no great loss. Seeing them in range but and others one off 5 out of 6 is something you should expect during your first efforts. The bright side is you know you have something that works when you see this, but w/o smooth and same speed nerve response there's the chance of over run into the next number at times, and then the stew is sperlt !!!!!

Here's my example from the card for that day.

My 4/1/2006 Try at Predicting Lottery Numbers Xlottowj3

...and the Winning numbers were 21 25 36 39 43 51

Since the lotto's not like hand grenades well close doesnt account for much, and thats why I played it on 4/1 .

My point here is theres a way to hone in very close not trying much or practicing but this would be the result. If you want to win it will take more effort, you'd need detailed notes on the way your body responded by feel to every hit and why so. The correctness of those you hit on , wether right or wrong is important, if they are just one off while practicing figure out whatever sensation brought you to being just one off, look for patterns. Critiquing your method every practice setting a solid idea in your mind of which way to go when your feeling certain things that are connected to each number the next time to direct you the right way so you can start a winning record.

It costs nothing to perfect a technique until your sure of the best result, no need to waste any money have fun !!! sunny
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My 4/1/2006 Try at Predicting Lottery Numbers
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