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 Acupoint Diagnosis thru Pensweep

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PostSubject: Acupoint Diagnosis thru Pensweep   Thu Oct 26, 2006 2:00 pm

Pensweep Link: http://www.freewebs.com/pensweepquantumvisions/

The silver bullet to finishing off any body scan is targeting and zeroing in on any blocked Acupoints to further diagnose and pinpoint hidden complications this additional information will redouble your effectiveness. Through Acupoints flows the symmetry of Qi energy within your body these same acupoints also identify imbalances, illness and disease. Through intent within the body when pen sweeping, the halting marked acupoints locate protrusive, convex, concave or deformed un natural areas within the individual channels of our bodies electro magnetic field. Just like the earths electro-magnetic field is unquestionably deformed by underground water sources, or solid particles of metal objects among common soils creating your marker while Dowsing. With a basic understanding of where to target these irregularities of energy you can also regulate these acupoints, by correcting the flow of any Qi imbalance or blockages through acupuncture, acupressure, or accelerating healing making it possible to more rapidly recover from many health related issues.

I'm not much of a people watcher but I can recall watching many persons soothing pains either emotional or physical by touching certain body parts in public on many different occasions in my life. Seeing them seemingly having some primal instinct reaching for release or relief. I now know those were acupoint release points, most people are never aware they were trying to clear, just generalizing in the correct area's for there condition unwittingly. Just like the built in intuition to holding those love handles to release back pain by a pregnant woman clutching those exact places instinctively, or wringing of hands by a nervous or elderly person rubbing over their own hands and fingers, Why ? Those persons are under stress, holding just the first 2 fingers releases all stress in minutes when including the knowing mental intention to do so ! In another observation I sensed a person revolving their thumb around the tip of there 2 nd finger counterclockwise, instinctively attempting to release the anger and pent up emotions that come with the process of a pending divorce. I've asked others do you ever recall touching any area as a comforting habit not knowing why, in almost every case looking up the acupoint for that location after asking, they were afflicted with those symptoms. Like rubbing the depression under your kneecap to the outside indicates pain of course, but also the current or future possibility of a budding arthritic condition, requiring a closer inspection. All this points to a subconscious awareness to the positive effects of self help through acupoints. Through sustained touching near the corresponding location of that key acupoint shows your attempting to stimulate and reset that acupoint to relieve a current issue often times. These instances may seem directly connected to that same area sometimes and easily concluded by common sense alone, but in many cases they are not. There are 12 meridians and 365 acupoints on a human body, and for an example mental disorders, coping problems, sleep disorders and insomnia are located on the great toes, as many other identifying acupoints on the human body are found remote from the culprit source, interconnected by distant nerve transmitters.

Gathering this information while body scanning the nerves is as simple as it gets a wonderful gift, with unfaltering correct results carrying a extremely high percentage of repeatable accuracy. All this done by just noting carefully the blocked acupoints position using a properly proportioned surrogate likeness to glean them from on front , rear, and side views scanning, then use either a on line reference like the, Interactive Acupoint Chart's below or a book of modern acupoints as your resource, after you have methodically pen swept your surrogate to match the fitting subgroup conditions to your subject.



NOTE: To accurately depict the correct acupoints as you pensweep trace the corresponding chart on your monitor, then sweep, compare and gather your feedback from your subject, I'm sure you Will find it very accurate.

You can likewise use these same blocked acupoints to correct any related health conditions and aliments connected to that acupoint. Clearing it through either hands on body work, or distant body work using the surrogate method to relay and transmit accelerated healing to bring relief to distant persons. By previously noting the exact acupoints and locations you establish targets to focus on using them as a delivery conduit for the healing energy to flow through in accelerated healing, being directed toward them through empathic means. This system works wonders and has shown amazing results having the inherit capacity for it, and is yet another invaluable use of acupoints in targeting and relieving aliments, when spending the proper amount of time to be effective, by combining different facets of the senses and modalities listed on these pages together.

Acupuncture points are usually negative with respect to the surrounding skin, with a value of -0.05 millivolts as being fairly average. Higher negative values represent increased electrical activity in the corresponding anatomical area with readings of -0.25 millivolts. This is found in functional pathology where there is no actual organic change or damage. In acute conditions, this level can go up to as high as -0.75 millivolts. In extreme cases readings over-100 millivolts is usually associated with severe pain. In other situations a high positive value is found, particularly with infections, psoriasis, asthma and allergies, and readings of +0.5 millivolts are not unusual. A low permanent positive value such as 0.001 millivolts is present in some chronic conditions such as in chronic Osteo-arthritis.

A Brief Acupuncture History

In this Han dynasty picture, there's a holy bird with human head and crow's body. The bird is treating a man with a stone needle. It is said the bird is the embodiment of Bian Que, a famous doctor in ancient China.Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history. Acupuncture is the oldest branch of TCM and considered its foundation. It treats diseases by stimulating acupoints and unblocking channels and collaterals.

Early in the Paleolithic age, ancient people cut carbuncles with simple stoneware to remove abscesses. In the Neolithic ages, they began to use smoother stoneware, one of which was Bianshi. After that, they tried different materials to make needles. Bronze, bones and bamboo were commonly used.

In the ancient times, shamans often burned turtlebacks with different materials. They would predict good or ill luck by seeing the changes of the veins. Of the eight materials, mulberry wood, jujube wood and cedarwood were most often used. Later, Chinese mugwort was used.

In Shi Jing--The Book of Odes, there is record of Chinese mugwort used for medicines. Mencius, a famous Chinese Confucian philosopher, once said that he would ask for Chinese mugworts to treat his diseases. Moxibustion was widely used as early as 4th century B.C.

Incidentally, people found that using the burned needles to puncture some parts of the body could relieve pain. Some words, such as Jiaguwen and Jinwen (ancient Chinese characters) give some hint to the usage of acupuncture.

When they used acupuncture and moxibustion, they found channels and collaterals. In the book, The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, acupuncture techniques were introduced in detail and the theoretical foundation of acupuncture was established. Channels and collaterals were vividly described in the ancient book. In the Zhou Dynasty (1046 B.C.—256 B.C.), metal acupuncture needles appeared.

The royalty felt such relieve and reverence for the great relief acupuncture gave them that they are found buried with the needles: 4 fine gold needles unearthed in Liusheng's Tomb of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.—A.D.25) were the acupuncture needles. The gold needles modeled after them today are also as effective.

There are many legends about acupuncture. It was said that once when Bian Que was passing through the Zhao State, he learned that the crown prince had just died. He asked about his symptoms and decided that he hadn't, but was in shock. Then he asked his disciples to grind a stone needle and punctured the prince's acupoints. After a while, the prince came to. Later, people said that Bian Que was so good at acupuncture that he could raise the dead. The book by Huangfu Mi was the first one to specialize in acupuncture and recorded 654 acupoints.

Sun Simiao, the king of medicines in the Tang Dynasty (618—907), once did acupuncture on a patient with leg pain. After several trial prods and pokes, the patient still felt pain. He wondered whether there were other acupoints the book had missed. He tried pinching the patient's leg and the patient suddenly cried "Ouch, yes, that's it". Sun Simiao placed a needle there and the leg no longer hurt. Sun named the new acupoint, "Ah shi" or (Oh, yes). This was a major great contribution to acupuncture.

There was a bronze acupuncture statue invented in the Song Dynasty (960—1279) that was very delicate. It showed the channels, collaterals and acupoints each clearly marked. It could also be used to teach students acupuncture. After several centuries of improvements, modern acupuncture has become a more comprehensive discipline today.

Acupuncture is called the fifth great invention of China. Great progress has been built upon the basis of all the experience of it's predecessors, leading to various needle techniques we have today.

European Medicine Today is beginning to realize the Valid Process behind Acupuncture and Acupoint Manipulation. ( Excerpt Below )

We have found in numerous studies that the key to understanding acupuncture’s secrets lies in the brain. New experimental constructions to measure light, ultrasound, and bioelectrical processes can reproducibly demonstrate effects of acupuncture in the brain. In 1997/98 we showed that acupuncture with needles can increase cerebral blood flow. Studies with biosensors and probes in a specially designed helmet (see editorial to this issue) in healthy probands showed that acupuncture can increase the blood flow velocity in cerebral vessels and increase the oxygen supply to the brain. In 1999 our group took a further step to demystify and objectify the effects of acupuncture. In healthy probands we found that acupuncture with needles increases blood flow in specific regions of the brain. For example, acupuncture of points on the hand and the lateral side of the foot (e.g. UB 67), which TCM places in connection with the optical system, increased blood flow velocity in the specific artery that supplies the brain center for visual awareness. At the same time, blood flow in other brain vessels stayed unchanged. These kinds of effects had previously been found only after stimulation with light. Control studies with stimulation of the inner edge of the foot did not produce these specific changes. These results were obtained by using an adaptation of a complex multiparametric measurement system used mainly in critical care medicine.

Complete Article: http://www.ispub.com/ostia/index.php?xmlFilePath=journals/ijnm/vol1n1/transorbit.xml
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Acupoint Diagnosis thru Pensweep
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