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 Pensweep Dowsing Dental Information

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PostSubject: Pensweep Dowsing Dental Information   Wed Oct 25, 2006 4:29 pm

Pensweep Link: http://www.freewebs.com/pensweepquantumvisions/

Obtaining dental information can narrow unknown causes of pain and, or infection that maybe omitting from confusing locations, for both humans and our animal friends. Ear infection pain is often wrongly diagnosed and is often coming from a effected tooth doubling your medical expenses. Knowing the causal source of these issues as they arise using pen sweeping and a surrogate dental chart through self check ups may spur you to the dentist in a more timely way saving your teeth and wallet painful memories. Don't forget tooth problems can extend into nerve,bone,sinuses, surrounding tissue etc, left unchecked.

In law enforcement and criminal investigation obtaining dental records in this manner can determine key information on any unknown injuries inflicted or harm done to missing persons, and help identify the unknown offenders through dental records in many cases, saving time, money and resources. All you will need for this technique is a simple dental chart like the example (below) from monroecc.edc., to copy, or sketch your own to work from, then using different intent words, begin sweeping over the teeth carefully for any response outwardly, inwardly on top of the surfaces, gum lines, root and nerve for any identifying characteristics unique to that person, creating a surrogate dental record to then compare to known information. As you practice this, like with everything else until you are confident with private parties always asking for honest feedback from each subject or partner. After you've finished with every practice session compare and grade yourself on accuracy. On any key information missed list, and add those conditions refining your database bit by bit, expanding upon your possibilities list.

Here are some basic intent subgroup words to scan for extractions, cavities, root canals, caps, chips, crowns, partial's, pain, false, decay, infection, abscess, cyst, nerve affected, loose, cracked, plaque, braces, broken (at, give location), corrected, current etc. Then again causes of natural, neglect, accidental, intentional harm, medical necessity etc. Remember follow lines and locations methodically and carefully in detailed descriptive's for accurate comparison and good results. My goal here is that you think on your own consistently exploring outside the box for additional information. On this topic test yourself fly solo find a willing random partner for this one, have fun and explore see what you can glean. Additionally start thinking about Xeroxing and laminating good quick reference charts with key info from each of the body's main group that we go over. Use them for your personal reference, most local libraries have lamination machines available to use for a small fee, to use after you've located your material.

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Pensweep Dowsing Dental Information
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