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 Dowsing: Viewing The Human Body using Pensweep

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PostSubject: Dowsing: Viewing The Human Body using Pensweep   Wed Oct 11, 2006 3:11 pm

Pensweep Link: http://www.freewebs.com/pensweepquantumvisions/

The Skin

Pen sweeping the skin; there are countless good and beneficial uses for body scanning lending insight to issue's that may be concerning to family members, neighbors, friends, relatives or acquaintances, pets, livestock even law enforcement and criminal investigation for both the victims, recovery and identification of the offenders. Combining Pensweep techniques to determine identifying marks on the skin, dental information and facial recognition can and will save countless stressful hours, days, weeks, months even possibly years agonizing trying to determine unknowns. When Initiating and implementing these simple steps and techniques.

At this point you basically become a human MRI machine and you can accomplish these feats from 1000's of miles away never seeing your subject. Having also varying levels of penetration for each depth you will scan. Learn the basic anatomy of your subject first, and then using that type anatomical diagram either print or sketch it proportionately to put you on target for locating any issues or marks that will be outwardly apparent on the surface of the skin. Then afterward by re sweeping the body repeatedly on your intent word narrow into subgroups what each mark represents individually. Even taking time to expand any area in question to determine length, width, direction and any special features. On some occasions this may require a cross hatch pattern when pen sweeping. A larger non specific shaded area over what should be a thin hook shape scar over a knee per say is normal for most beginners, but with a little practice your sense for directional drag and its release will zero you in to more precise identification.

Sorting the subgroups for any hits you had was the next step. Here are a few common intent words to start you on your way, scarring - burns (varying degrees) - grafting - bruises - varicose veins - psoriasis - hives - bites -infection - moles - freckles - warts - wood splinter - swelling/edema - boils - pimples - cold sores - cuts - ink/tattoos - piercing's - cancers.

There are also wound types to consider they can be from a variety of sources self inflicted, accidental, medical or intentional mainly. Self inflicted and intentional bringing up another subgroup of wound causes to sort through like gunshot, knife, pipe, bat, hammer,4 iron, razor, rope, etc., and all the other odd combinations in between a disturbed individual might dream up.

Finding a healed hairline medical scar is more difficult to locate, so on plastic surgery and some surgical procedures adjust your intent word as needed to locate these. Current and very recent injuries will be the heaviest halting responses, anything in the very slight range like say skin blemishing or edema/swelling will be faint and a grazing drag those should be indicated by lighter marking accordingly, or by outlining the parameter of more widespread areas whichever you prefer.

Matching hits on the feet can be callas from shoe wear between the big toe and second suggesting that person favors wearing flip flops, there are many variations to shoe wear and markings on the foot. A podiatrist could glean more info about than the average person from those signs. The flip flop type indication may also logically locate them in a warmer climate. This same idea can be carried through to possible family history for genetic structural defects such as bone in both feet, ankles, or knees etc., showing matching dysfunction or wear, where as an imbalance or gait problem will leave offset wear indicators.

This is a methodical thought out process not generalization as you can now see. Hours of methodical studying will weed out the men or women, from the boys or girls, and the curiosity seeker from those that are intent and serious. If you have passion for the task, learning or on going study you'll be more fascinated by each and every practice session.

Lets try a few examples now and see how you do. Copy or sketch this frontal / rear view combo. ( figure below ) In actual cases you would need left and right side views also.

Skin self test ~ Exercise A

For this self test I will use one surrogate model for several subject's by rescanning under the individual intended Name for each new question. Due to limited image allowance in formatting this lesson this is necessary. You may draw them individually, so that each new subject stay clear of any confusing ink marks done by a previous sweep. There will be nothing overlapping between each subject you will scan on this self test. The answer's will be on the following page for your feedback after you have completed this self test. Use June 5, 2006 as your date, then each name accordingly. Use the subgroup list above as your intent list to match scan causes one by one where needed.

1. Lisa S. / Scan her feet, locate the scar position, then it's cause.

2. Duane W. / Scan torso and head locate any major wound.

3. Jane O. / Scan only the left leg locate swelling.

4. Andrew C. / Scan right side of torso down to right leg above knee, afterward left knee then enlarge give descriptive detail.

5. Brian M. / Scan right inner forearm, find the correct subgroup then attempt to outline.

6. Cherie / Scan face and neck.

7. Debbie / Scan torso

8. Alysia / Scan right lower leg below knee

Now go 1 - 8 determine if each was accidental, medical, from intentional harm ( by another) or self inflicted.

************ STOP HERE DO SELF TEST **************

continued.... 1 of 2
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Dowsing: Viewing The Human Body using Pensweep
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