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 Dowsing: Using Pensweep to Scan The Muscles W / Self Test

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PostSubject: Dowsing: Using Pensweep to Scan The Muscles W / Self Test   Fri Oct 13, 2006 3:18 pm

Pensweep Link: http://www.freewebs.com/pensweepquantumvisions/

Muscles are the motion center, the motor of our bodies that give us all mobility. Differences in this are tell tale signatures of the state's of physical activity, for any person you scan. While at a state of rest you will see no areas of activity on a normal person having no current muscle injury. On a frontal view a person walking around, say the house minimally the lower 15 - 18% of both calf muscles should be circled or outlined. Someone having walked a mall shopping will show 25 - 33 % outline area at both calf muscles, and a very small area of muscle usage outlined above both knee's. Jogging shows 55 - 60 % outline of the calf's muscle usage, with a increased area of activity outlined above both knees near 28 - 33 %, the hamstrings would also be equal in area of usage. A full calf outline on both calf's equally is from activity like steep terrain hiking or equal to a stair stepping machine activity, also bringing both the quadriceps into a 40 - 50 % area of outline. Person's with a past injury to these muscle groups attempting these activities will show a offset of one leg working harder to compensate showing the larger outline. If it were a right ankle that area weakened will show additional activity to the offset. A amputation of a limb would be indicated through all levels skin, muscle, veins, nerves, and bone, use that intent word to verify any site seeming in question. Conditions like bursitis or arthritis can also give unequal marked appearance to a joint area effected inside or outside in random patterns even extending into the foot, hands, toes or finger joints, hips, back, shoulders, neck,etc..Narrow the causal issues into your subgroups to isolate them. These same type ratios for exertion to area effected and outlined for activity carry to the true for the rest of the body also. For the arms activity like rock climbing, pull ups picking up say many bags of fertilizer, or working out, set the most active examples.

A recently damaged, torn or separated muscle doesn't feel like a radiating outline it will be a glaring heavy halting response, where say a stressed neck to shoulder muscle will show just a larger area of usage compared to the opposite side at the end of the day. If you scan the muscle groups around the vertebra and there is a misalignment the pulling offending muscle will be the larger side circled, a nice spinal chart will keep you straight on locations. Damaged connective tissue to either hip reads the same way larger area circled to injured side, dark pinpoint hits are current injury. When further pinpointing of any issue is needed, enlarge the effected muscle group in question and make 3D type diagrams to isolate positioning, and better determine dimensions. As you do each person it's their honest feedback that teaches why your seeing what you do in many cases, from that information combined over time you create and build your own database.

Disabilities show a wide variety of strange activity, persons with MS show many tiny scattered circles in isolated areas which is weakness and atrophy along with lesion lines scanning their brain. persons with MD can show large current area's of heavy response from widespread atrophy even from minor physical activity, or if inactive lesser effect but stringing linked circled areas of atrophy to the effected muscle group's with no brain lesions. Inactivity creates edema swelling in the lower legs. Lack of muscle exercise in general creates a tell as to which side you sleep on, creating a line of water retaining cells along the outer lung lining that is lowest. Until 100 years ago people walked more in general morning and night it was part of there routine. I scanned a 65 year old woman that walks to and from work less than a mile 5 days a week her lungs show no fluid retention, if you can do some exercise like this daily it's highly beneficial for longevity. Also health problems, and the organs usually effected by disease are from that side of the body consistently lower and idle, a high percentage of the time when I am scanning. A effect similar to, in older persons the inactivity of sitting in one place all day that causes swelling of the lower legs and feet damaging those cells causing neuropathy, but this effect stagnating cells in organs causing disease. So alternate sleeping positions don't precondition your body to a pattern for illness, or better yet just have a little sustained morning and evening walk each day you'll be healthier for it.

Tracking a wanted person muscle activity give clues to movement, health, muscle injury and limitations in mobility. There is a muscle pattern for driving a car, running, biking, hiking or any activity developing and recording a database would put these tells at your fingertips.

Here are a few subgroups to get you started, tendons and ligaments-tears-strain-stiffness-pain-infection-atrophy-spasm-separation-swelling-arthritis-bursitis-tendentious-fluid retention-cystic growth-cancer.

When Pen sweeping the muscles it would be a good idea to use a chart to reference what group is effected muscle, tendon or ligament. Here is a link you can add to your favorites http://biology.about.com/od/anatomy/ and for teens use this chart http://www.innerbody.com/image/musbov.html

Draw 6 surrogate images label, then carefully Pensweep each person listed to learn their condition's appearance on each surrogate image; Intent names left column to target. Task sweep muscles. time line June, 12 2006 . Then correctly match the name in the left column to the condition in the right column afterward. (approx. time to do this self test is 1 hour 30 min.)

1. Jody / MD
2. Ernest / Average
3. Dave / Athlete
4. Laura Anne / Cystic Fibrosis
5. Lance A. / MS
6. Shelly BR. / Offset in gait

(Answers Below)


1. Jody / Offset gait
2. Ernest / MD
3. Dave / Cystic Fibrosis
4. Laura Anne / Average / walks twice a week
5. Lance A. / Athlete
6. Shelly BR / MS
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Dowsing: Using Pensweep to Scan The Muscles W / Self Test
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