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 Pensweep Dowsing The Clockworks of Emotion

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PostSubject: Pensweep Dowsing The Clockworks of Emotion   Tue Apr 17, 2007 5:32 pm

Pensweep Dowsing The Clockworks of Emotion

It was said century's ago the pineal gland was the center of the soul in 1650 by Rene Descartes, he claimed this to be the place where all the interactions between mind and body occurred though the belief was untested. In Eastern philosophy it has always been connected to the third eye as the center for psychic ability. After months of testing on different personalities I found both to be universally correct. Finding and recording these markers surrounding the pineal gland for many emotion's and conditions, then there attributes, and attached habits, and that they could be scanned, referred to, and determine the same exact emotion, condition or mind set for any other subject of the same disposition universally. As simple as we would refer to the hour hand of a clock to accurately tell what time it is.

This is done by Pen sweeping a drawn surrogate frontal image of a brain, when it includes most importantly, the pinecone shaped pineal gland as the core at center and spinal cord, by just drawing a brain anatomically correct on paper. If you can imagine two halfs of a walnut with a matchstick at center and the stick extending downward you've got the jest of the simple surrogate. The pineal glands outer parameter could be read like a clock and to where it pointed determined that persons emotional / mental outlook, when attaching the appropriate timeline in question. The right hemisphere revolving mainly around introverted feelings and the left hemisphere the more extroverted and physical. Determined over months of testing different personality types that had formed habitual patterns, much like the marker of an imbalanced or blocked acupoint. Over time I slowly verified each pattern again and noted the same patterns duplicated in like minds over time, and a healthy balanced mind would carry no glaring habitual markers.

Intent and Timelines

Clear Intent and Timelines are always important in determining current marker's and conditions, without timelines you leave yourself open to a much longer span of possibilities and occurrence's thru out that persons entire lifetime.

The Key to gleaning this information is to scan for these conditions using the Pensweep Dowsing technique, attaching name, keywords, and or intended question thru the drawn surrogate image.

Practical Use

Some of you might find this list useful in prescreening any future relationships before they develop, when instinctively concerned or a red flag is noticed in a new acquaintances personality to protect loved ones, immediate family members, peers or friends, and also in screening new co-workers, or persons your considering to hire.

Here are some Basic Hour Hand Clock Position's and there noted meaning's.

The marker at dead center of the pineal gland is the centering point we work outward from, and it also indicates fight or flight conditions in the last 24 hours.

Near center 11 50 12 right hemisphere; A elongated spiking line in this position indicates a pattern of habitual and glaring emotional outrage, reactionary acting out in haste to stressful situations, and or threatening posturing to self harm.
A reduced marker in this same position, a minor marker similar to a pimple or bump here indicates actual ill feelings, the less common would be minor withdrawal symptoms here, and a secondary marker at 1 O clock roughly 1/3 way into the left hemisphere indicates the associated pain. .

Near center 12 to 12 10 left hemisphere; A bump here indicates, someone who assess all situations comparative to ones own database, a spike here can also indicate linking to the super consciousness, empathic and psychic assessment. On very gifted psychics you will feel and be drawn to a radiating twin flame at the core of both hemispheres surrounding the pineal gland, roughly 25 % outward from the core of the brain the flame points spiking upward. If you were to test them as they are engaged in psychic activity.

At the 2 O clock position with a bump type marker you have internal trimmers, higher heart rate, flu type conditions, or developing heart problem.

At the 3 O clock position when spiking this person is experiencing major seizures, from either a TBI, epilepsy or other chronic neurological condition.

The habitual response, and escape valve for personal stagnation is located at 3 30 on the hour hand, spiking at the edge of the brain, these persons seek attention thru rambling on and on.

At 4 O clock social deviate behavior at worst a Charles Manson, or David Koresh cult type mentality. Minor aspects of this marker are controlling type want to be gang leaders, and manipulators, that could be slightly sadistic. In a normal mind this habitual point represent's the "Deal Closer" someone who is controlling in every situation, a methodical organizer, as a leading company man or woman (who would interrupt you speaking to reinforce there position, and get there point across) top salesperson, etc. who thrives on the challenge of high pressure.

The point for lying is located at 4 30 slightly inside the edge of the left lower hemisphere. The point for boredom is just beyond this one at the edge of the brain.

At 5 O clock it gets worse yet here you have the mark of a desire to kill.

At 5 50 to 6 O clock along the brain stem when the marker is elongated, you have habitual pattern for compulsive / obsessive behavior; addictions, alcohol abuse, scattered short memory, lack of recall and basically air head types. The addictions sometimes can be traced genetically to a parent.

At 6 10 to 6 20 a marker along the right side brain stem indicates traumatic past, PTSD, abuse, anger, feelings of being un cared for, neglect and long term self denial locking ones self away.

At 6 32 to 635 on the outer parameter of right lower brain is the marked indicator for Panic disorders and phobias.

At 6 30 to 6 40 on the parameter of the pineal gland is the marker for a dramatic persona, to the point of hyped or false story building, this type is a depressed silent watcher until sparked into action, twisted and instigating internally thriving on gossip as the fuel for their next plotted blow up.
This marker combined with the 5 00 marker is seen in the timeline weeks prior to the recent mass shooting by, Cho Seung-Hui, 23, the gunman in Monday's shooting rampage on Virginia Tech's campus. As of yet un noted he also had the type 1 manic / bi-polar disorder.

The marker for ADD and ADHD is found in the right hemisphere just inside the parameter at 7 00 - 7 15 close to the truth point, it marks as a line toward the pineal gland.

At 7 30 on the pineal gland lye's the marker for budding internally stressful situations as a bump type marker.

The point for truth is located at 7 30 near the edge of the right lower hemisphere.

At 8 00 on the pineal gland lye's the warning for suicidal thoughts and that intention in mind. Prior to that event in one example in the weeks leading up to the fatal act were thought patterns dwelling at the 5 00 mark. In another case the thoughts in prior weeks were related to the habitual behaviors of the 5 50- 6 00 marker.

At 9 00 on the pineal gland is the marker for all classic depression a heavy mark indicates it being chronic needing medication, and a small bump type marker meaning acute or medicated currently depressive state under control.

At 10 00 lye's the marker for venting and verbal conflict releasing acute depression in general; as it comes to a head as a means of self preservation, as a escape valve to bring resolve to the perceived source of the depression. This is seen in a bump type marker created in one example by romantic situational stress and sudden separation.

The markers for manic states are along the lower edge of the hemispheres, classic bi polar having 3 distinct markers, type 2 recessive schizophrenic bi polar having only one mark in the right brain near its parameter at 8 O clock, just left of the truth marker which is detected as a bump.

Medical Markers

The marker for lupus lye's at 5 40 on the lower edge of the left hemisphere just right of the spinal cord, secondarily you would may note legions in the pons region of the brain.

The marker for MS can be identified as legions in either or both hemispheres, depending on its progressive state and development it is unique to each person tested.

This short list is a work in progress for me, and just another example of the many faceted possibilities you can research yourself within the field of dowsing.


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PostSubject: Re: Pensweep Dowsing The Clockworks of Emotion   Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:25 pm


Do you have a premade drawing that you use? Some of us aren't very artistic (me) and I would like to try this.
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PostSubject: Re: Pensweep Dowsing The Clockworks of Emotion   Thu Apr 19, 2007 5:04 pm

The drawing can be as non artistic as this and work fine.

The main thing is noting each hour hand position for its meaning to you, so you can refer to it, and verify "Hey this really works ! "
Then to create your own expanded personal database, you can use the notorious daily New's events, and names used in newspaper articles. Otherwise you will have to observe, scan and question random persons of interest on your own using on-line names, or friends who you can test, and then there most unique acquaintances by name for further testing and feedback.
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PostSubject: Re: Pensweep Dowsing The Clockworks of Emotion   

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Pensweep Dowsing The Clockworks of Emotion
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