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 Acupoint Thought Field Therapy

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PostSubject: Acupoint Thought Field Therapy   Mon Jan 01, 2007 3:57 pm

Tapping Acupoints is used for reversing mental and emotional ruts or self destructive cycles. Tapping causes the piezoelectric energy in the misfiring acupoint in question to realign it's polarity. Like a flashing light says caution danger, then in theory so does acupoint tapping to your brain reset and correct the issues and situational problems associated when using the correct series of acupoints. With corrective intent during the distressing situation tapping causes changes and begins reversal of the destructive polarity and emotions connected to that negative habit, cycle, or mental rut, resolving the traumatic negative thought process. Your willful effort to overcome provides the intent, the tapping provides the action in subtle energy that sends the signal to change that energy within your body's meridian system which then decreases and transforms the negative emotional blockage. The minor ones are easy to effect in one session, the more serious issues like PTSD may take longer sometimes up to a week or 2 of repetition, morning and night. Some issues are rarely effected simply due to the persons own deliberate refusal. Tapping therapy's series of acupoints consist of five sites on the face, six on the hand, and two on the upper body. How others are used is dependant on the condition your treating.
The duration of the tapping interventions are very brief compared to the approximately 20 minute session utilized in actual acupuncture needling. Change can be noticed almost immediately up to 5 minutes when tapping compared to the delayed response of needling, and it's safe.
Tapping lowers arousal of mood and hyper response in thought and situational issues.
Some people think of this as systematic desensitizing of the acupoints which was a work of Joseph Wolpe, but truly all acupoint related therapies already existed in China for centuries.

Self Help Tapping Instructions below excerpted from FSU's "Traumatologly Forum"

1. Think of the cause of your anxiety (we all have them from time to time), including the cause (e.g., a traumatic experience) and work up as much discomfort as you can. However, do not spend more than a few moments on this phase.

2. At a point where your anxiety is feel is at its peak, choose a number between 1 and 10 that best represents the intensity of your discomfort, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Thus, circle a number below:


3. After you have circled a number, using your two finger tips, tap solidly five times while thinking about the anxiety, (but not too hard to cause a bruise) just above the bridge of your nose, approximately where either eyebrow begins.

4. Then tap five times approximately one inch below either eye (again, not too hard).

5. Next, tap five times under either arm, approximately 4 inches below the pit of the arm.

6. Then tap five times on your chest just below the collarbone, approximately one inch on either side of the center of your chest.

7. Now take a deep breath and measure your anxiety again: Choose a number between 1 and 10 that best represents the intensity of your anxiety right now. Thus, circle a number below:


8. If the intensity of your anxiety is now at least 2 numbers lower that it was initially, go to step #9. However, if it is not, follow this procedure:

Join your fingers together (either hand) and tap the little finger side of the other hand (We Americans call it the part we use for a "Karate chop."), while saying the following: "I accept myself, even though I still have this kind of anxiety." Repeat this statement three times while continuing to tap. Then, repeat steps 3 through 7.

9. Next is a sequences of activities that are done while tapping at a spot on the back of either hand. spot is just below and between the knuckle of the little finger and the knuckle of the next finger. With the hand flat, tap this spot continually while doing the following activities (about 5 taps for each of the 9 activities):

eyes closed
eyes open
eyes look down and to the right (head still)
eyes look down and to the left
roll eyes in a circle
roll eyes in a circle in the opposite direction
hum some tune (two or three notes only)
count to five
hum some tune
count to five

10. Follow procedures #3 through #6.

11. As you did before, take a deep breath and measure your anxiety again: Choose a number between 1 and 10 that best represents the intensity of your anxiety right now. Thus, circle a number below:


12. Follow the above procedure at least four times.

The acupoint locations

Check out these detailed article References



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Acupoint Thought Field Therapy
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