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 Advanced Pensweep : Introduction to Quantum Vision

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PostSubject: Advanced Pensweep : Introduction to Quantum Vision   Sun Oct 22, 2006 7:43 pm

You shouldn't be to surprised to hear that Quantum Vision wont be coming by mental visions to you pictorially by now unless your gifted with a clear 3rd eye sense directly, but if that where true for all of us we wouldn't need these techniques anyway ! This sense is going to come into your minds eye just like a gifted person receives it through quantified psychic imagery, but we being not as gifted for clear pictorial images at any rapid pace consistently using that method need to put a little twist on that medium to obtain the psychic information. This is made possible when the quantified signal is relayed through your nervous systems reflexes where your hand and fingertips will become your eyes through the action of the pen. Not a real hard concept to understand for any Dowser or Remote Viewer, were just taking it up another notch to a more level fluid of incoming response signal.

In this introductory stage and first practice of Quantum Vision you will take your Pensweep sense to a new level by positioning and targeting yourself within another persons body, by bilocating to look into there world through their eyes perspective. Another important reason we are using this technique is it gently reopens the gateway to your own natural empathic awareness. This is yet another baby step in your evolution before you can leap forward and try even bigger objectives. Until you gain total confidence in bilocation you will be using your partners nervous system as the long distance relay station. Through this method you will receive a stronger signal to springboard from to jump start your internal quantum processes more easily. There are a few interesting occurrences that transpire from this modality that have simple explanations that I have outlined below for you to understand why a few of these different experiences are happening to your sketches during practicing.

Looking through another's eyes is done through prior mental intention, then picking a target and task the same as every other exercise you have done thus far. It's just that for fluid motion Pensweep you must have learned and practiced the basics until they come with great ease, in high detail and quickly, to go into this next stage of mental development for best results, or you cheat yourself. In this stage the objective isn't to pen sweep at your normal pace either, it is done at speed by sense, drag, drawing and flicking as an artist, but at warp while sketching. Involving many individual targets to make a whole picture from them in one psychic snapshot exactly as it is seen before your partners eyes in their actual surroundings in real time at that instant. Over running lines in simplified childlike shapes is normal, and a proof your operating in the right state of mind and speed having no way for subconscious interference to corrupt the session. As you progress after a few weeks gaining and gathering more and more detail this shows your mind has adjusted to the task. Then and only then you can begin gradually slowing your warp speed fluid motion sketches down over the next few weeks until your sketching and sensing again at a somewhat normal pace. Analyzing the pictorial images comes afterward you should recognize some common things even in the beginning stage, other's you will need to I.D. through your partner, a common subgroup items list, by colors, or material made of etc.

Quirks you will note involve, a partners bad eyes sending cartoonish imagery actually clearer to read than normal vision from their loss of detail at close range in real time to your nervous system's receptive hand during the fluid pensweep exercise. Twitching or nervous eyes on medication send tight jiggling repetitive lines of the same objects in real time. Watery eyes send blurring imagery in real time. Any non stationary motion that passes before your partners eyes as your engaging them through their bodies eyes in fluid pensweep, such as a curious family member walking by or a passing hand, car etc, will give you a repetitive more distant slow strobe impulse signal and visual of there motion running through your read. If a person is sleeping as you link into them, you will receive a series of long repeating slit like lines 5 - 6 roughly, and no visual signal. Daydreaming and overlapping imagination is divided into sectors in your visual read upper right is past, left present basically.

In stage two you want to hone your new skill by practicing mind to mind mental flash impressions by looking into your partner's mind accessing their preloaded focused mental imagery through intent by rapid sketches. This should be done with permission only, upon synchronized timing while practicing this skill level. This practice exercise is like flash cards in math are to children, in your minds eye only taking a few seconds each, you want to obtain feedback from 20 - 25 images per session, then give your mind a rest swap places with your partner,( if your not using a random person.) You will find that only a bad eye mentally gives you the same result as above (cartoonish) and unclear in a few odd cases, I have noted. Artist have such visually vivid imaginations the images, looking through an artistic minds eye some are so very crisp and clear you will hate to see the practice session with them end, they are very interesting, fun and purposely at times cartoonsih even ! If you can partner with an artist or a open minded artistically inclined person practicing these mental flash exercise's you'll be doing yourself a big favor. On the other end of the spectrum a unimaginative, dull, air headed or negative soul shows a poor vision, and should be avoided for these short pictorial exercises.

All my presentations are given in laymen terms to reach everyone, for a more technical writing relating to this subject read this link:

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Advanced Pensweep : Introduction to Quantum Vision
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