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 My Favored Method "Pensweep"

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PostSubject: My Favored Method "Pensweep"   Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:23 pm

Pensweep uses the pen in the same natural way you have all your life, likened to drawing and coloring outside the lines at speed sweeping at a rough rate of 2-3 strokes per second, like a Doppler radar or seismograph type motion, very lightly over the intended target. Any ink line barely if at all effecting a surrogate image until a heavier response reaction in your hands reflex rhythm interrupts the pace. You then outline any intended indication or hit to its true form, but on a smaller scale basically. No pen dangling over the paper, no unnatural action that would tire your arm holding it up over a extended length of time, as with most dowser's instruments.

I consider Pensweep a hybrid cross between Dowsing and Remote Viewing, and the most natural and easy to learn and use myself without bulky devices extending ones ability to handle far reaching tasks and targets, staying on task longer, without the usual array of arm tiring dowsing devices. Now enabling the otherwise physically limited to take part in the many areas and adventures within the field of dowsing.

Clear mental intent is the key to being successful then staying focused ,yet relaxed absorbed by each task, It's likened to drawing art scanning to bring every minute detail out. Pensweep comes by feel acquiring the information using your right brain. This requires NO thinking from you past your intent word, or singular brief question. Any underlying subconscious thought relating to the same subject may bleed into your work causing distractions when your getting to far ahead of yourself. Work the task at hand wrapped up only in the moment, stay sharp. You'll learn to recognize any bleed over thru self awareness as you practice and progress.Then analyzing with your logical left brain to process sort the hits afterward using secondary subgroups that lead you to pinpoint causes and issues isolating what each means, at a deeper level.

Expect to meet discouragement along the way from critics, skeptics, and cynics. Thinking outside the box our current society revolves around you will need a thick skin dealing with people, a balanced ego, and a cool head. It can be lonely at times you'll need your passion for learning and expanding your mind to stay motivated. We are limited only by our own mistakes. The One Source we tap into has no flaws, we are like children in school all on different learning curves and levels, any mistakes should be an acceptable part of learning. Take pride in your newfound ability by encouraging others to take part in this methodical mental art, by not burying knowledge gained in the sand or boasting. Most discouragement will come from those concreted into a narrow belief system's out of unrealistic fear, not inability.

Again pen sweeping is done at the rhythm, that best suites you, or your limitations at roughly 2-3 sweeps per second simply by using surrogate sketched images to scan for your intended target along with handwritten primary intent word groups and subgroups as needed. So the combination is mental Intent then willful Action. Another reason for pen sweeping at speed on reflex only is it keeps your logical left brain from over analyzing and preoccupied keeping the right brain's incoming response clearer and uncluttered.

Timelines, every session has its own unique need, undated intent sends a session into a overall life span of results for that target. To isolate current or past historical conditions for any exact period you must date your work correspondingly. In effect isolating the past, present or future person, place, thing or event ,and in all future timeline's only predetermined outcomes will bear exacting results in your feedback, don't be discouraged by variable results. The past historically is a fixed target. Moving the timelines by the hour or minute you can see how any event unfolds. Peoples mind's are freewill they are very changeable unless predetermined and set prior to any future event, expect better results predicting a weather pattern or earth change.

Honest feedback, The most important aspect of learning for a beginner. Whoever you choose to partner with ask them in advance for detailed honest feedback AFTER the session is over only, there's no need to be hand fed any hints, or given any detail's. It's actually detrimental and a spoiler to the joy of learning.

Keep records to reflect and compare by your subjects initials,first name, or Sn. Being over invasive turns would be partners off. That's all you need, some people want a volume of information, but there's truly no need.

Degree's of detail obtained thru different levels of Pensweep range from a beginner being rough and lacking descriptive's to those well rounded being pinpoint giving highly detailed description's. Advance technique's include stipple drawing of targeted unknown persons,and other applications fluid motion drawing's of targeted unknown locations. A final note, the reason why I prefer a pen over a pencil is pencil marks smear and fade in a short time making rereading the feedback at a later date almost illegible and are a bit troublesome, and could cause you to lose otherwise good bits of comparative info to add to your database.

The Power of Intent

Intention is the key to starting anything in life, positive or negative whichever a person chooses forms a path, then when repeated habits,and over time a lifestyle. For gathering quantified information remaining neutral within your intent while gleaning is the master key. For transmitting quantified information when sending accelerated healing empathic sense is needed, balanced compassion and bilocation relaying the subspace signal and instruction attaching the intention to your subject are the operative keys. Every moment in life carries intention in some direction, for some like the procrastinator without taking any mechanical action after repeating the original intent 20 times their mind considers the incomplete intent finished in a surreal reality, and carries a false sense of completion. Similarly so do many counterfeit psychics who make future claims by avoiding any chance of realistic feedback, satisfy there delusion by making open ended claims.
We create our foundation to build quantified information upon by what we intend either way also, when our intention is clear, and our thoughts orderly working together each task at hand will show a high percentage correct. Likewise if your thoughts are in disarray or cluttered by subconscious overlay and distraction there is little result that will show correct. So as you practice be aware of this stay focused on your intention for repeated success. Put aside any former thought patterns formed from prior metaphysical training you may have that have shown minimum realistic feedback. Go with clear intent in your mind, turn your intentional thought into a focused statement to draw upon, and the statement into mechanical action by your Pen sweeping the surrogate image, by using the intent word that feels most appropriate and fits your need, it should carry inspiration and be simplistic. Any tension coming through emotions or fear coming from being over involved with your subject by pushing, or forcing sours the probability of good results from any session.

The final element you need is strong belief. Some of you hopefully perceive your knowledge to be coming from a higher spiritual metaphysical plane, just remember this, don't take a zealots stand remain balanced. In past times man cornered the ancient art of Qigong in India and made entire religious groups from it needlessly, all from the good results noted inspiring a religious man, who by adding calming meditation to intent, while certain entraining tones were being hummed amplified the connection while the deeper state of mind creating repeatable miraculous results, from that it changed entire social structures attracting millions of simple peasant followers, then the secret societies cropped up. After that Qigong was kept from anyone outside their door only taught in Buddhist writings during that period as strictly a religious practice for hundreds of years wrongly..creating even more subcultures, and more doors claiming a better way.(having honed intent and action methods while practicing) Ancient cultures thought obtaining the higher state of mind ultimately symbolized spiritual ascension to overcome having to be reincarnated, and life being hard in ancient times this was very attractive and seemed feasible.

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My Favored Method "Pensweep"
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