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 Reading Aura's Using Pensweep: Dead or Alive ?

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PostSubject: Reading Aura's Using Pensweep: Dead or Alive ?   Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:39 pm

If you want to see a complete aura draw a surrogate human image and pensweep the outline on the intent to trace/track/locate the aura, adding the date in question. You'll have it, but it takes 15-20 minutes of your time to detail it correctly so your not missing any spikes or holes. Then Ask colors if you like, while scanning areas of pen drag will indicate that color, thru whatever subgroup word list you've chosen for ANY subject.

If you just want to see if they are alive draw a heart, write a few test names to get the feel for pensweeping, sweep over the heart image for each subject with your pen if it goes easy thru the test subjects heart those subjects are alive, if some areas of any surrogate a test subject's heart have isolated areas of drag expand the image write subgroups, test each subgroup word that you consider a possibility on your list like valve, clot, aneurysm etc; you'll find there is a cause for it when your intent action word is with the correct subgroup your sweeping by the heavy drag it will cause at the location in question on the surrogate image.

With some reading about how heart the chambers react when weak that will help direct you to any cause faster..

If they have passed on Well, your pen with not too much practice will dead stop and, or drag like a lead anchor thru the complete surrogate image heart then your feedback is of course there pushing up daisies. If you want to further cross check try blood flow, etc..

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Reading Aura's Using Pensweep: Dead or Alive ?
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