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 The Avian Bird Flu

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The Avian Bird Flu Empty
PostSubject: The Avian Bird Flu   The Avian Bird Flu Icon_minitimeTue Oct 24, 2006 9:35 pm

Jul 16, 06 - 10:33 AM
Message: The Avian Bird Flu

What can we do as individuals to protect our self's ?

Let's go here first, the Avian Flu to date has ONLY been noted in person's in direct contact with the infected bird, there is no person to person transmission to date.

In the event it should become a pandemic there is a oral pill, and when combined with Ampliegn vaccine seems to hit the spot for the Avian Flu, but will it be released in any timely way in that event by our governmental officials that's an unknown factor.

Here is the exerpted Report :

Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo, reveal that Ampligen® boosts IgA antibody levels by up to 500 percent when co-administered with vaccine -- the exact antibodies that protect mucosal membranes of the nose and mouth, the specific entry points of an invading avian flu virus.

In the course of research, animals that were internasally administered with the vaccine Ampligen® registered an increase in antibodies that could fight the deadly virus. Some 80 percent of the Ampligen®-treated mice survived the virus's onslaught, while none survived in a corresponding placebo group.

Independent lab research conducted at Utah State University under US National Institutes of Health (NIH) sponsorship indicates that Ampligen® increases the efficacy of the two viral uptake inhibitors, Tamiflu and Relenza.

The lab studies suggest that 50 to 100 times less Tamiflu may be used in conjunction with the experimental immunotherapeutic Ampligen® to achieve full inhibition with no multiplication of the virus, and no host cell damage. This may be a critical factor not only because of the potential shortage of Tamiflu, but also because 18 percent of all children are resistant to Tamiflu at conventional doses (as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, December 2005).

The effect was found be even stronger with Relenza (up to 500-fold potentiation) in the lab experiments

How the Avian Bird Flu effects humans and Homeopathic Medicine

The lungs are targeted by this virus, smoking would reduce your chances of surviving and recovery, not smoking improves them.

Heightened attention to personal hygiene washing after public contact of course helps prevent any ill.

Avoid confined highly populated public places, do your shopping chores during low traffic hours

Some experts (probably in the field mentioned) are recommending natural remedies during the lag time from any more timely governmental response. Daily vitamins to keep your immune system running at peak performance such as vitamin C and 15 mg of zinc per day, along with omega 3 for essential fatty acids. Plus some exercise, if your are disabled person and immobile use 20 minute breathing exercises morning and evenings daily. If under emotional stress reduce that by taking B-6, selenium and adding meditation. Make sure you get outside each day, a small time in sunlight further triggers proper immune system response, along with proper rest. These practices should be used regardless.

Surviving any infection is dependant on overall general health before the event, following the common sense suggestions above will improve your survivability of any ill.

What additional natural herbs would someone look for to speed their recovery in the event of any infection ?

Salt is lethal to bacteria, if you have no adversity to using it health wise. Siberian ginseng Panax ginseng Garlic Cayenne Usnea Echinacea root Lastly Poke Root but it is dangerous and must be taken and monitored responsibly if considered.

No herb or anti bacterial medicine is an instant cure all, and all drugs depress the immune system caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, prescribed drugs, and even overweening yourself to dependency of regular vitamins when not needed.

When might it arrive in the U.S. and reach our population ?

It would seem the highest probability of some form of impact from the Avian Flu reaches the U.S. through the entirety of 2009 well into 2010, to some degree. Here in Florida we are warned by the local news media on a regular basis for months now, that through this states flourishing international tourism and the diversity of people visiting our area we are one of the first areas that would be effected. Further the local news media report there is a plan of action to quarantine entire neighborhoods if ,or when they are impacted. Taking that with a grain of salt considering media craves hyping a good story, it still leaves something to look for in a future timeline as a marker that we can research for likely points of entry.
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The Avian Bird Flu
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