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PostSubject: Timelines   Timelines Icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2007 4:00 pm

Dale Graff

Time: An infinitesimal “point” forever perched at the brink of future and past.
Time: An eternal microscopic “now.”
Time: A revolving window exposing memory and intentions.
In a certain sense, time does not exist. It is too “thin” to experience or understand. Oh, yes, we can record the past as history. And we can plan or await future incidents. But then the thing races by and sinks out of reach below the horizon of events.
We can envision time as a linear flow, similar to the rush of a dynamic river. Scientific instruments cut time into nanosecond pulses and even smaller ones. We can experience feelings of “long time” as seemingly endless, or “short time” as being over much too soon. Such stretching or shrinking of time?psychological time?resembles the effects of gravity in the theory of general relativity. A strong gravitational field, as occurs near dense stars, shows the “beat” of time. A week gravitational field allows time to tick away quickly. And time, according to Einstein, can be considered as a fourth dimension; time and space, or space-time is connected.
Practical “real” time is the instant when time spills over the razor sharp dam between the upstream future and downstream past. But we can experience an essence of future time at this instant, at this point called “now.” We can do this by exploring the phenomenon usually termed “precognition.” We can also experience this through synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences. In these types of incidents, it is as if we had stretched ahead in time and cheated it of its eternal now character. But had we?
Many of us have experienced vivid hunches, intuitions or dreams about future events coming our way. The felt, or perceived, incident then comes true. It was as if we had taken a peek beyond the veil of now and became a future see-er. Such incidents cause us to perceive of time as not only “now” but somehow existing ahead of us, perhaps in a type of multidimensional space. Synchronicities occur “now,” but usually stir up a strong sense of recollection, a déjà vu, as if we had already known of the approaching meaningful incident at some subconscious level of awareness.
But the roots of precognition and synchronicity can be considered as existing “now;” not as something exposed to us from a real future domain or alternative dimension.
My excursions as a physicist into quantum physics have led me to conceive of the future as a sea of probabilities bouncing on a type of subconscious stream. This is similar to how quantum physics envisions physical reality to work at microscopic levels of existence.
Our minds can perceive information beyond the range of ordinary awareness outside of known information routes through our extrasensory, or extrasensory perception (ESP), nature. We can catch a glimpse of the sea of probabilities bouncing and flashing on our subconscious psychic rivers. Such phenomenon should not be too surprising, given the reality of nonlocal effects in quantum physics. Elementary particles, once coupled via certain parameters, retain instantaneous knowledge of that connection, no matter where they are in the universe. A change in the character of one is immediately felt and responded to by the other. Einstein’s cosmic policeman?the speed of light?is snubbed.
Suppose all minds are connected and interact at deep subconscious levels through something like ESP in a type of universal mind-memory field. This would suggest that all past knowledge, and all anticipated future activities or events, could be stored in a region of the psyche that resembles a hologram. As you know, holograms are physical constructs resulting from the interaction of coherent radiation (usually light) to form interference patterns on thin film. Illuminating (re-calling) these patterns with the initial light causes the original scene or object to reappear.
I suspect that incidents of precognition are real-time (i.e., “now”) connections with anticipated futures accessible in a mind field or mind-like hologram. Some of these perceived (remembered?) incidents will eventually happen, and others will not occur due to intervening circumstances. Like events at the quantum physics levels, their anticipated occurrences can only be regarded as a range of probabilities from none or unlikely to certain. In other words, there is no “real” future (as time travel fiction writers envision), but there is a real “now” set of circumstances about future possibilities that can be sensed via psychic means. When awakening from a precognitive dream, for example, we have the option in most instances to accept, avoid, or change the depicted situation, especially if the perceived future is about us.
Synchronicities are like precognitions. However, the potential events are somehow caused, subconsciously, to manifest and become real (intersect) through our intuitive and ESP connectivity. We have a need; that need is acknowledged throughout the web of our subconscious reach, and probable futures (when feasible) are identified and nudged our way. Our path, or someone else’s, deviates from what was originally intended in order to achieve that meaningful intersection. For example, on a hunch we go into an unfamiliar store to find exactly that rare book for which we had been diligently searching. Or we may absentmindedly get off at the wrong metro station only to bump into someone we had been trying to contact.
Precognitions and synchronicities are ways in which we can allow our subconscious mind to keep a step ahead of time “now.” Even if we cannot put a permanent dent in the thin wall of time, we can, in a sense, softly penetrate (or tunnel) through it to snatch important information that can help us prepare for approaching possible events. We have not cheated time (can we ever dupe a universal phenomenon?), but we have for a “moment” become co-creative partners with our time traveling, our future seeing, potential
But first we need to flex our concept of what is possible. Then we can stretch our notion of time, or stretch into or beyond it a bit, to glimpse possible events bouncing our way on hidden currents deep in our psyche.

Article Source : http://www.dalegraff.com/futuretime.htm
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