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 Edgar Mitchell on Non-Local Quantum Consciousness

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PostSubject: Edgar Mitchell on Non-Local Quantum Consciousness   Edgar Mitchell on Non-Local Quantum Consciousness Icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2007 4:59 pm

by Dr. Edgar Mitchell - Apollo 14 Astronaut


This paper presents a hypothesis for integrating into the scientific framework phenomena of consciousness which frequently have been considered beyond scientific description.

Intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and many similar information phenomena seem to be easily explained by means of the nonlocal quantum hologram. It is further postulated that from the point of view of evolution, quantum nonlocality is the basis from which self-organizing cosmological processes have produced the common phenomenon of perception in living organisms.


A host of observed, but very basic human phenomena, including consciousness itself, have eluded rigorous scientific description by all disciplines of science.

This is true, not because of insufficient evidence for a particular phenomenon's existence, but rather for lack of a theoretical construct which could fit within the prevailing paradigms of science. For millennia philosophers have pondered the nature of mind, consciousness and mind/matter interactions but without sufficient knowledge and technical capability to propose properly testable theories.

For the past century eminent men and women of science have accumulated thousands of pages of data on mind/mind and mind/matter interactions. Many of the most telling experiments have been criticized, perfected and repeated numerous times during the past five decades, using increasingly sophisticated technologies. Meta analysis of these experiments produce accumulated probabilities against chance occurrences exceeding trillions to one (Radin, 1997).

It has required, however, that quantum science mature for seventy-five years and during that period, test, validate and synthesize a number of seemingly outrageous physical concepts arising from quantum theory, before testable theories could arise which offer hope that anomalous mind and consciousness data can be explained (Mitchell and Williams,1996).

Excerpt on Remote Viewing

The case is somewhat different when the object of interest is not in the immediate vicinity of the percipient so that space/time information is unavailable for decoding non-local information. The phenomenon of remote viewing has been researched extensively by Puthoff and Targ (1976) of Stanford Research Institute and successfully utilized by intelligence agencies in the United States (Puthoff, 1996), and likely elsewhere, ever since.

For the purpose of this paper, the questions of interest in this case are: "What is the reference signal used to decode the quantum holographic information in the absence of classical space/time signals; and how is pcar established by the percipient?" Experimental protocols for remote viewing normally provide clues to the location of the object such as a description, a picture, or location by latitude and longitude, that is to say, an icon representing the object.

These clues seem to be sufficient for the percipient to establish a resonance with the object. Normal space/time information (visual, acoustic, tactile) about the object is not being directly perceived by the percipient, nor does the object usually appear at its physical location in space/time like a photograph or map in the mind.

Rather, the information is perceived and presented as internal information and the percipient must associate the perceptions with his/her internal data base of experience in order to cognize and to describe the object's perceived attributes.

In the case of complex objects being remotely viewed, the perceived information is seldom so unambiguous as to be instantly recognizable as correct. Sketches, metaphors and analogies are usually employed to cognize and communicate the non-local information.

A considerable amount of training, team work and experience are necessary to reliably and correctly extract complex non-local information from a distant location. The information appears to the percipient as sketchy, often dream-like, and wispy, subtle impressions of the remote reality. Very skilled individuals may report the internal information as frequently vivid, clear and unambiguous.

The remote viewing information, being strictly non-local, and in this hypothesis, the information perceived by quantum holography, is missing the normal space/time components of information necessary to completely specify the object. It has been demonstrated that this intuitive mode of perception can be trained in most individuals.

Perhaps additional training and greater acceptance of this capability will allow percipients to develop greater detail, accuracy and reliability in their skill. In principle, training will not only increase the skill and accuracy, but should cause the appropriate neural circuitry to become more robust as well.

In the absence of space/time (electromagnetic) signals to establish the pcar condition and to provide a basis for decoding the quantum hologram, an icon representing an object seems to be sufficient to allow the brain to focus on the object and to establish the pcar condition.

However, a reference signal is also required to provide decoding of the encoded holographic phase dependent information. Marcer (1998) has established, using Huygen's principle of waves and secondary sources, that any waves reverberating through the universe remain coherent with the waves at the source, and are thus sufficient to serve as the reference to decode the holographic information of any quantum hologram emanating from remote locations.

For the full story see: http://www.edmitchellapollo14.com/naturearticle.htm
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Edgar Mitchell on Non-Local Quantum Consciousness
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