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 Dowsing and Locating Water Vein depth

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Dowsing and Locating Water Vein depth Empty
PostSubject: Dowsing and Locating Water Vein depth   Dowsing and Locating Water Vein depth Icon_minitimeFri Oct 13, 2006 3:08 pm

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Date Posted: Sep 27, 06 - 7:19 AM
Message: I've been working for a municipal waterworks dept for over 20yrs now . I was originaly introduced to witching back then, being somewhat a skeptic at the time, I tried it anyway.... and wow!!! It worked better then any elecronic equipment we had and still to this day there is nothing for me that is more reliable and consistent then dowsing. Our water system is very old and our mapping has not been updated for years. But by using dowsing I've able to located both water and sewer lines very easly.. Even in stressfull situations where locating lines are required emmediatly due to line breaks or and digs, I have located them within inches, the only unknown is the depth. Are there any tricks for depth measurements?

Date Posted: Sep 27, 06 - 7:24 AM
Message: Ezra2
A simple vertical graph for depth of water or any numbering / measuring need works with graph paper, place whatever value you desire for each square then grab your pen, sweep along it until you feel a halting drag, that gets you in range, then isolate those numbers either way 3-5 feet from your estimate for the exact depth. The pendulum route can be used the same way in combination, or by itself for whatever measurement need you have using a numbered semi circular graph, a home made one is fine. Then just reduce the same way for more prescision. The last method and less desirable to me, is counting spins of the pendulum as intended and desired by the feet / meter value scale you've intended in your mind proir, as the scale youve mentally intended is what your reading.

Using a accurate survey map obtained from any parcel / lot, set the measure on your graph grid and remotely dowse or sweep it to hone yourself in on any water source or well located some distance away from say the well house using graph paper with the same value system, pensweep your vertical squares for the correct block, then the blocks that run horizonally on the grid. Then you can reduce, this remote method is for cases your doing this for a friend and wont be visiting the site yourself.

Otherwise Next your going to the site, cut 2 coat hangers into L rods, or bring your own if you didn't forget them measure the lot by the survey lines vertically and horizonally to the grid marks noted to range your mark. Then measure, single out and mark off the say 10 by 10 hit area, and walk it with your L rod's, intent in mind to locate whatever it be, wether water, lost keys, arrowheads, coins etc. A metal detector can speed things up at this stage, and should be used after your objective is a metal's search.

The same graphing / chart method can be used to approximate number of gallons per minute that could be expected from differing depths of drilling at any site, for each location to see best results for your money.

Remember just because your seeking water, coin etc it doesn't have to be on your grid ever, sometimes you get no hits (and pressing for it until you have a headache wont make it happen..you'll only get false hits. ) It's only there if you had a strong related hit to it's presence easily. Otherwise it's a No go, try a new area at that point, or just say sorry no water source here, etc... there and move on dowsing is stress free.

All who find this interesting should try this and share the experience, have fun and experiment it is useful and makes learning fun for the kiddies !
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Dowsing and Locating Water Vein depth
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