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 McMoneagle on Sensing Mental Visualizations

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PostSubject: McMoneagle on Sensing Mental Visualizations   McMoneagle on Sensing Mental Visualizations Icon_minitimeThu Apr 19, 2007 3:35 pm

September 4, 2006

One of you writes:

is there a difference between the visuals you receive in your remote viewing input and those you receive when dreaming, daydreaming, hallucinating, or imagining? Is there a different flavor or character to them that might differentiate these visuals enough to tell them one from the other? Is there a buried clue, hint, or nugget within these RV visuals that might give them away as being significantly more important than the more run of the mill visuals that come with other subconscious entertainment? Perhaps some way that I can learn to tell them from all the rest that might enlighten me as to what is important as input and what is not?

Right from the start, this implies that ďremote viewingĒ is about seeing the target. Now please pay attention to what Iím about to say next ó it isnít about ďseeingĒ the target ó itís about sensing the target! At best, the most anyone will ever do is distinguish a difference between a deep shadow and a light area in a targeted area from a visual viewpoint. But, because someone way back in the history of the project decided to call what this form of perception is ó remote viewing ó everyone jumps right in thinking itís all about seeing the target, which it isnít.

Obviously, everyone is looking for a way or method of differentiating the RV input from the rest of the mental conglomeration of visual input that floods the mind while you are attempting to capture input. Well . . . unfortunately it all appears to come bubbling up from the same place, which is the subconscious - the common place of origin for all of our visual cues to what is going on deep inside our psyche.

Sorry ó there isnít any way of telling . . . except of course once in awhile when you get an input which is so absolutely real as to be beyond belief. It is usually a surprise out of left field and something you least expect which doesnít appear to fit anything you ever could have expected to happen. It will usually be more vivid than reality itself and comes in with all the details, as though you were witnessing it just as if it were happening in reality in some special place/time. It wonít be long and drawn out, like an act in a play. Itís usually a fragment of a second, or a second and a half at most, very short and sweet, and quite stunning in its clarity and perception. So stunning in fact, the details will overwhelm you with information you canít possibly remember. Weíve come to call this the, ďAh-haĒ form of input. Is it perfectly correct all the time? No! Can you tell when it is? No!

Now, Iíve been doing RV for over thirty years and Iíve done tens of thousands of remote viewings of somewhat demanding importance, under incredible stress. In all of those RVs, Iíve experienced perhaps twelve or fifteen Ah-has, so thatís how rare they are. If you have a great deal of expectation for them they usually wonít occur; they usually happen when you least expect them.

The hardest part is reporting them. I usually do not, because the detail is so great. Most believe I have something to do with the planning or execution of the action associated with the target or the knowledge it imparts. This is especially true if you canít provide a substantial alibi for your whereabouts at the time of the occurrence. In the case of some police problems, this can be a serious difficulty.

I regret to say that most visual input during RV is mental junk, providing only similarities to what is actually going on at the target, and one must try and interpret what the meaning of the vision actually is. The vision of a boat sailing on a placid lake usually has nothing whatsoever to do with a boat, sailing, or a smooth lake at all, but everything to do with a calm relationship between two people who are currently getting along with regards to something very emotional between them. Interpretation of what your mind is telling you is everything in RV, and it is usually not the job of the remote viewer to do the interpreting, in any event. It is someone elseís job altogether.

The remote viewer is simply there to report what they perceive and let someone else figure out what it means. Report what you perceive. Report, report, report, and when you think youíve reported everything you can, look again and report some more. Pick it apart until there is nothing left to report. It is the remote viewerís job to pick their perceptions apart and report what they see about the target. It is not the remote viewerís job to try and figure out what it means. Thatís someone elseís job. If you view your job as an unbiased observer in the purest sense, you will be surprised at what you will perceive and what you will observe. Bring all of your senses to bear in order to do this, and use all your talent to sense whatever you can about the target. Report whatever you have sensed about it in its purest form ó the pure essence is what is critical about the target - nothing more and nothing less. The better you get at reporting this, the better you will get at being a remote viewer. Let others figure out what it might or might not be.

Remote viewing is not about viewing or seeing ó itís about sensing in the purest sense of the word.


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McMoneagle on Sensing Mental Visualizations
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