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 The Philosophy of Being

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PostSubject: The Philosophy of Being   The Philosophy of Being Icon_minitimeTue Nov 28, 2006 1:57 pm

The answers to, Why am I who I am and where I am in this life, are all choices selected by our own higher self. The spirit confirms what to be the right path for our ascension and larger than life lessons to overcome before we were conceived. Even knowing the place in time, the form we would become, and area surroundings, that is known to our spirit, yet would be sealed from our fleshy mind at birth. There by opening the free will aspect within the bandwidth of time and space we would establish our lives in. Why and how we came to be where we are is our destiny, dark natured turns in our life by external circumstance or choice are never our destiny. Where making our own dark choices are concerned this is when we have strayed from life's true path. The deeper meaning for each of our lives has a spiritual theme to complete, to embrace and evolve. So there is a need to be aware of those intuitive qu's thru out life, this is how our higher self subtly gives us guidance.

The ultimate purpose of our evolution is to realize we are more than the body we exist in, desiring to extend our self's and dwell in a place beyond its limitations, seeking more and more to obtain the state of having an infinite mind, closer to the true state of our eternal spirit, and uniting with the Divine having less and less use for a limiting mind set. Of course the first obstacle in this quest is opening up to this spiritual learning process itself. That is a daily struggle in our evolution until infinite thinking begins to spark from our neurons, before anyone can begin to learn different states of spiritual awareness.

Our higher self will guide us into learning situations opening opportunities when we are listening, but the choice is ultimately ours on how we approach them and what we can learn from each of the tens of thousands that will cross our path in a lifetime. We all came in with inherit areas of influence that we are attracted to these are no fluke, they will bring harmony and balance following them. The urges to help your fellow man, create, heal, serve, research, bring justice or peace and love are all brought on by the influence of your higher self, who you truly are. Creating your identity through these will bring you closer to knowing your lives purpose, and you will have no need to ask what you should be doing, or where your headed in life.

For those put here with severe limitations in life the answer to there being, and life's quest is very simple they are on purely a inward journey, set apart, chosen to spiritually climb higher and conquer the mountains few dare to tread. Where a smile in the midst of such adversity bring's others to realize in awe, that something more spiritually infinite must lye deeper within us all than meets the eye.

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The Philosophy of Being
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