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 Reuters: Saddam Originally located thru Map Dowsing and R.V.

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Reuters: Saddam Originally located thru Map Dowsing and R.V. Empty
PostSubject: Reuters: Saddam Originally located thru Map Dowsing and R.V.   Reuters: Saddam Originally located thru Map Dowsing and R.V. Icon_minitimeTue Nov 07, 2006 3:36 pm

It's is widely known Remote Viewing and Viewers use Map Dowsing for aquiring a pinpoint location, then a sketch of the area pictorially will identify the on site location as correct thru Remote Viewing..

Clairvoyant led Americans to Saddam, says Geller
Mon Nov 6, 2006 11:16 AM GMT
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HERZLIYA, Israel (Reuters) - Did a clairvoyant help U.S. commandos ferret Saddam Hussein out of his hiding place in Iraq three years ago?

Israeli-born celebrity psychic Uri Geller, best known for his spoon-bending antics, says the power of the paranormal led U.S. troops to the fugitive Iraqi ex-dictator.

"You remember when they found Saddam Hussein in Iraq? A soldier walked over to a rock, lifted it and then found a trap-door and found him in there," Geller told Reuters.

"Well, I know that that soldier walked over to that rock because he got information from a 'remote viewer' from the United States."

Geller, who says he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War, said his information came from a high-level source involved in U.S. paranormal programmes.

A U.S. military spokesman in Iraq had no immediate comment. At the time of his capture, U.S. commanders said a source close to the fugitive had given him up under interrogation.

A Brazilian psychic tried last year to claim a $25 million (13.2 million pound) bounty offered for Saddam's capture, saying he had described the hiding place in letters to the U.S. government.
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Reuters: Saddam Originally located thru Map Dowsing and R.V.
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