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 Dowsing: The Inanimate

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PostSubject: Dowsing: The Inanimate   Thu Oct 26, 2006 3:39 pm

Self test, Scanning inanimate object's is done in the same way you will do a human body it is scanned by using a simple surrogate silhouette outline of the intended object. Then using a intent word , for example on a overhanging tree in question that may be Rot. For starters pick something common to you or your partner's environment ,do the session then acquire the feedback. Try these below.

Exercise A

Here we will take a computer keyboard.You draw it's basic surrogate outline now and then sweep, the first time with no intent word going over it for any heavier response's.( any indifferences to its natural state will be indicated ) The intended date for this exercise is May 26, 2006 viewing Kathy's keyboard for anything unusual. Next, now what key was any heavy response nearest ? A. 9 B. V C. F7 or D. 5 (sweep over choices if you aren't familiar with a keyboard, or unsure.) Now further determine what color was the hit object A. yellow B. orange C. pink D. lime green . Now was it A. wear B. a sticker C. tape or D. button

Draw a rectangular keyboard outline only.

Intended target : Kathy's keyboard / On May 26, 2006

Exercise B

Let's take a exhaust system now, this 1993 Mustang owned by Troy D., date May 20, 2006 it's barely running. Draw and scan the exhaust system below on a separate sheet of paper ( copy image ) as the surrogate twin and locate any possible problem area's note all locations. Now narrow the possible cause determine what that is A. holes B. indention's C. clogging D. road tar . Next narrow these fields further yet, what is the problem from A. rag B. road debris C. rust D. catalytic pellets .

Exhaust system

Intended target : Troy D.'s 1993 Mustang / Exhaust system / On May 20, 2006

***** STOP HERE !!! ***** Test Yourself Now ... Answers Below

Answer's for Self Test

Exercise A ~ D. 5 A. yellow B. a sticker

Exercise B ~ C. clogging D. catalytic pellets

Additionally, if your naturally hyper sensitive you also noted a faint hit from the front pipe (right end) going half way along that diagonal section of pipe that is a metallurgical change and discoloration from overheating. The first chamber is the catalytic converter it's contents have melted and were blown partly into the front of the 2nd chamber sticking, causing another heavier hit at that pre muffling chambers entrance. Then continuing pressure blew the majority of melted material to the rear of that 2nd chamber to form the main clog you should of detected in the pipe just rear of that 2nd chamber, that caused the car to quit running. Re-sweep both exercises now train your senses absorb anything you missed, remember no over thinking is needed go by feel only, and keep practicing !
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Dowsing: The Inanimate
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