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 Accelerated Distance Healing

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PostSubject: Accelerated Distance Healing   Thu Oct 26, 2006 1:59 pm

Once you've set your sights on intending to intercede and be a conduit in accelerated healing remotely or hands on, you need to be relaxed and confident in all your prior skills learned at this stage. No need to be nervous after all we are only the conduit thru which the energy comes not the healer.

When the accelerated healing is done remotely start first by doing a body scan of the area in question, even when your told what the condition is reconfirm it thru a surrogate to settle it's location and exsistance in your minds eye. Then also share a few extra identifying details about themselves with them to gain their confidence afterward. That should partly put them at ease about your abilities before you link. Then begin empathically absorbing there current conditions allowing them to overlay upon you briefly settling into them for a minute or two. Next you confirm the link is open to them, thru the finger twitch method with your subject. Then have them relax while you reverse the signal transmitting focused accelerated healing back to their need targeting that exact bodily location and condition. No interfering talking or typing between you until this stage is over, during this time you will feel a sort of bucking resistance within yourself this should be taken as a sign your energy is having an effect on them, ( they do not feel this as you synchronize only you will ) as you continue to meditate on them transmitting after 5 - 15 minutes you will feel that subside. This is your sign the accelerated healing has taken effect hold focus another few minutes after that point and then clear, for minor issues that's all it takes. The deeper issues you can take it to the next level where you feel all resistance and tension from them go relaxed, holding focus after that point 3 minutes then clearing. Sessions on the deeper issues can last an hour roughly, sensing your total relaxation signals they are complete.
At first you may want to start on headaches,or calming nerves holding the correct corresponding Acupoint for relief on your own body while sending, this technique is very useful. This is where some may need to refer back to the book, "A Touch of Healing" I had mentioned to you earlier to locate the correct points from time to time until you memorize the holds. In deeper diseases of organs or serious injuries hold the same localized area upon yourself, and any key acupoints you noted associated with the condition on your prior body scan, that you have already noted by feedback from them and confirmed by body. Target those areas combined with your intent sent, use yourself as the surrogate to jump start their accelerated healing. No result is instantaneous as many suppose in my experience, but none take longer than 1 hour per session, the effect from minor pain relief from headaches builds and is noted after 8-15 minutes usually of focused intervention. The following day of any serious intervention re-scan those individuals at the same target area confirm the changes taking place and any outcome to form a known expectation of results database in your within personal experiences. Don't assume your or my experiences form a parameter for this ability is only limited by the persons skill performing it, and we are all differently able. Lastly when it is a serious disease and seemingly only partly effected still reducing in size sometimes those cases take a few ( 3 ) sessions, you will think due to the slowly fading signs of the problem clearing slowly anything that serious deserves another round of intercession regardless, always give your full effort, thankfully .
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Accelerated Distance Healing
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