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 Dowsing : Facial Recognition thru advance Pensweep

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PostSubject: Dowsing : Facial Recognition thru advance Pensweep   Wed Oct 25, 2006 4:16 pm

The Pensweep Stippling Technique

Stippling defined, 1 : to engrave by means of dots and flicks
2 a : to make by small short touches (as of paint or ink) that together produce an even or softly graded shadow b : to apply (as paint) by repeated small touches.

This is a advanced Pen sweeping technique, unless you are gifted with prior experience, this is something to try after you have refined your pinpoint skill by to consistently being very accurate having practiced for months. By this time you have learned to slow your response for better detail and understand gradient's to varying levels of shading. After say a 6 month period or roughly no less than 300 pen sweep practices you should have honed those skills. Without having any prior experience or a few months of diligent pin point practices working locations carefully and repeated times obtaining the correct feedback building your confidence session after session you are not ready for these kind of techniques.

Additionally at this point, having either a interest in art in the past, present or studying the basics by reading a book like, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" By Betty Edwards from your local library can be helpful. This book is also suggested for Remote Viewing which I will show you later you can also do through Pensweep using another technique to draw distant places and complete scenes .

Using stippling to obtain facial features for recognition of unknown person's through their name, initials or intent word by association to a known person. Example John Does assaulter, kidnapper, shooter, murderer etc. This is easy to practice by using on line profiles for that persons picture for your source until your confident enough of your skill to openly share it. Faces are one of the few pictorial images hardwired into our brain automatically.

Study this general facial proportioning guide below:

Size of the head the area from the low chin to the normal hairline is the same as from the back of the head to the front. Features take up only a small part the mid-point of the face, when measured from chin to crown, is at the base of the eyes or eye sockets.
The space between the eyes is about the same width as one eye. If the width of eye is used as a way to proportion over all, a average head is five eyes wide. Average eyebrows extend beyond the eyes on both sides at varying widths and thickness.
Top of the ears line up with the brow of the nose and the eyebrows, and the bottom of the ears with the tip of the nose remember shapes and width vary trust your senses in stippling.
Bottom of the nose is the midpoint between eyes and chin.
The corners of the mouth align with the center of the eyes (not smiling generally). The outline where the two lips meet is slightly above the halfway point between the end of the nose and the chin, and the ball of the chin starts at the inner corners of the eyes.
Hair comes in many styles start on the sides in case of balding, if no response bald.

First drawing use a basic oval face as your intended's surrogate image, make it small 1 1/2 inch for beginners. As you progress you can slowly increase size to 2 1/2 - 3 inches. Do 2 facial feature practices on the same subject per session take your time each facial part using your intent word eyebrows, pupils, eye opening, nose, lips, ears, chin, hairline, etc and any special features then adding shading. If the 2 agree your done, then ask your subject to send a current small picture, or go to your source and compare, expand, shrink, and or adjust the scale of each to judge the result afterward. You always want feedback to keep track of your progress, then record your work.

My first comparative attempt with a pen unaltered. (below) Never thought I would show anyone, but to inspire someone else to do better here it is. Expect similar results on your very first efforts.

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Dowsing : Facial Recognition thru advance Pensweep
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