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 1 D Repeating Shapes, Silhouettes and 3 D Basic Images

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PostSubject: 1 D Repeating Shapes, Silhouettes and 3 D Basic Images   Mon Oct 23, 2006 1:31 pm

Level 2

This is Level 2 of simple image recognition prefixed SMS. These images are all one dimensional, and hold zero actual empathic residual in the target's, any residual effect would be from the creator of the image if at all. These images empathically will give you the feel for a lifeless or dead target .Your primary objective is to correctly draw the target, in 2 image boxes with the same lines represents that you have your target, polish up any wavering lines on the 3rd sketch think it thru, when your satisfied you've done your best, then click and open each target you are FINISHED working on for your feedback. These should take no longer than 10 minutes each. If you are having any problem's relaxing you may want to purchase a Remote Viewer's version Hemi Sync CD from the Monroe Institute for 15- 20 dollar's, or meditate 10 minutes listening to low volume music as your white noise to relax before you make any further attempt's. You do not need to spend a fortune to do this it just requires practice.

Level 3

The next is Level 3 prefixed SRS these are 3 dimensional multiple inanimate images that will hold the impression of those who once held them. Your primary quantum vision (QV) mission here is to correctly identify how many objects there are within each target, and the individual detailing of each shape correctly.

In addition for those of you wanting to practice empathic sense from level 3 forward All these objects will hold emotional residual's. Note the emotion held in each object first, then collectively noting and gather an overall empathic sense (ES) assessment. Every personal object held or crafted has a history (his or her story behind it) use ES to feel their feeling and motion interacting, then open the target for your comparative feedback.

The final scan you can practice for these targets is , sweeping a graph of years choosing BC or AD, what range in Thousands, then hundreds AD or BC to predict the objects age. Then temporal climate, and place of origin by North America or South America, then locate a general region. Your building a databse for your sensory feel that you can relate to here, others may be different no 2 need be the same as long as they fit the target correctly.
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1 D Repeating Shapes, Silhouettes and 3 D Basic Images
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