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 The Doorway to my Empathic Awareness and practices

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PostSubject: The Doorway to my Empathic Awareness and practices   Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:59 pm

Etymology of Empathic: Greek empatheia, literally, passion, from empathes emotional, from em- + pathos feelings, emotion
1 : the projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it
2 : the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner ; also : the capacity for this.

This was my doorway into the empathic dimension, how you approach this task is up to you all individually, I hope this inspires you on your own journey.
In this exercise you will learn how to generate your own empathic awareness, the depth to which you will tap into this realm depends on and is preset by your own inherit compassion for others and your type of personality. This is accomplished through bilocating, extending part of your spirit into another gaining intimate detail of their feelings. Being empathic takes time to adjust to even after gaining the ability unless your very in touch with your own emotions it can be overwhelming. On some personalities this ability is lost, swallowed by the habitual shallow non awareness deeply rooted within them, seeing no value in it they pawn the concept off quickly at it's mention,or others just after it's acquired lose interest, being surrounded by shallow ideology's it's choked out. Thats why you will need to tend this spiritual ability daily until you have firmly established its value in your daily thought processes. Even in the right emotional state you must possess a passion for this, a need to help and reach out to others with empathic compassion is self motivating. Our instinctive feelings stem from a underlying empathic awareness, within those gut feelings and wanting to reach out to another person expecting nothing in return exposes the tip of deeper untapped empathic ability within a person usually.

Through empathy comes understanding and unconditional openness by wanting to know another persons feelings, and sharing them forms a bond of trust, a surrogate likeness and understanding of their true nature, emotions and intentions. Your ability to glean this comes by paying attention to everything that there is to observe by feeling, this what you want to practice after we unlock and open the gateway to where you realize your own empathic sense and ability. Remember to put aside all your feelings during the session, the intent is to sense any slight involuntary nervous reactions or emotions you have after you link, that you are not intending of yourself during the exercise, then intermittently during the session obtain feedback by questioning in that regard. There is one side effect to breaking and restoring contact for intermittent feedback during your session, it creates a slight psychic lag in timing, but this is the only way you can verify motion, emotion and learn as a beginner. You need to be sitting still relaxed in a mildly meditative state reclined if possible, limply while engaging your partner to sense them, with no bodily tension alert but relaxed, having no preloaded subconscious thoughts. Your primary objective is to become your intended targets mirror image their interconnected emotional surrogate in real time, by willfully invitation sharing this through your partners motion and emotions sent.

Being in tune with your own emotions, emotional states and experiences in life, is the key to being a good empath. This gives you the knowledge base and understanding for similarities you yourself have felt and know the feeling of for instance you probably know from first hand experience what a broken heart feels like, the depth of your own emotional database and fore knowledge of these emotions make up the empath's sensitivities to other broken hearts or the loss of another's loved one, anxieties, jealousy, happiness, anger, fear or love for etc,. All these emotions can be carried through your nervous system by quantified thought and accessed, by intent on your part with practice.

Before you think your going to waltz into this ability it's important you have had 6 - 8 months of diligent pen sweeping practices, or at least 200 hours in session, and have honed your senses through the pen for more responsive results. Here's how we are going to unlock the door, with your pen and paper and a distant on line partner.(any distance worldwide) Ask your partner for one item in front of them to take your bearings on, usually without a need to ask I draw the monitor's rectangle shape; draw that at center, then outline a larger viewing box 2 1/2 by 3 inches roughly, your intent is to now rapidly by reflexes let your pen go through the boxed area at warp speed on autopilot with no fore thought of what anything should become as you draw, grazing over the blank area rapidly scanning intending to see through your partners eyes into his surrounding's, trust in this technique is the first Key, (and another section in itself quantum vision). Now sweep, touch upon and draw in the outlines any surrounding individual items as you sense their visual range rapidly, (what's in their eyes view) let yourself go for 2 minutes sketching picking up details, remember you are in your partners eyes looking out through them to do this. That ability will be slow and sparse at first but in time become more fluid and detailed. Now get your feedback see what you have gleaned, on any objects they mention that you missed resweep by name again locate them, your pen will halt on those giving you their bearing.. They are there you just cant identify them they are distorted at this stage like your coloring outside the lines over running corners at speed. By practicing this way experimenting in fluid Pensweep is how I gained by first empathic sense, as you will too !

Here's the main Key into unlocking your own empathic sense. On your next practice tell your partner to pick up a pen also and scribble as your pen is sensing through his eyes alternating randomly off and on for 10 mini sessions while your trying to sketch his desk surroundings or any other area, during a few of those sessions timing when to start synchronized on your mark. Tell your partner to randomly choose himself which 30 second mini sessions to scribble thru out the 10 session's unknown to you, this forces your empathic sense to open to them, your hand should lose it's ability to draw his surroundings completely and you will conform to the scribbling's of your partners hand motions as your partner engages and begins doodling any pattern drawing right brained, over riding the original visual intent coming thru his body, for the new and stronger sensation of linking into your partners muscle reflex activity coming thru their nervous system into yours stronger than the visual. This is only the first baby step into empathic awareness. Continuing to expand empathically on variations of this further opens your empathic sense to the point that you no longer need a pen, and you can bilocate at will on intent thru your body. Where even jumping individual to individual is no problem, taking a few seconds or so to clear and reconnect between persons.

Another empathic awareness practice for you. Having a distant partner at the ready you can now move on to practice detecting motion of individual body parts, by being reclined, motionless and relaxed upon timed 30 second intervals of response. After you settle in synchronizing feeling relaxed having your first involuntary nervous reactions and sensations confirm the interaction, and run 5 to10 warm ups using random emotional states as drills having your partner alter there attitude. Then next have your partner randomly repeat varying bodily twitches from individual fingers, thumbs, toes, foot, wrist or hand only one part for each 30 second interval to start with on your, go. A more vigorous motion is helpful at first to insure a good nerve signal being sent to jump start your awareness then gradually slower experiment and test your limits of empathic awareness. As you pick transmissions up faster have your partner combine or vary 2 or 3 combinations per 30 second interval until you are fluid, increasing week by week advancing your skill. You will describe them back to your partner by the exact rhythm, speed or variation given for each round obtaining your feedback, and scoring your results. Practice this regularly until it is engrained in your mind and comes at will with ease. Then begin alternating between individuals in 2 minute cycles, as this comes with ease reduce your timetable until your information blurs between persons, at that point you've reached your limit back off and practice at that level until you reach another plateau, personally for me thats a few seconds, between individuals. Your goal is always to obtain a consistent high degree of accuracy over speed first.

A final note,This empathic activity may tire you at first but you will adjust in time, it's making your brain work overtime while it's opening new neural pathways to accommodate this new mental activity. (See Quantum Vision for additional practice info.)
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The Doorway to my Empathic Awareness and practices
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