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 B & W Simple Shapes

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PostSubject: B & W Simple Shapes   Mon Oct 23, 2006 11:54 am

The objective for this Introductory Level is to draw the basic shape each Target Number represents using only the reflex signal given your pen thru your nervous system on intented tasked target to recover. They are in simple black and white format, each taking less than 30 seconds. Repeat each 3 times before moving to the next target, do all 12 targets and grade yourself, this is your entry point level of awareness. There is no pass or fail just an assessment to look back on as you progress and see how far youve improved at a later date. We are approaching these first targets because they are at the lowest level of complexity for your minds eye, and wont overwhelm the beginner into receiving disjointed or scrambled imagery as you sketch them.

Write each Target # down, draw a small intended viewing box, then mentally note to yourself your intent to view and sketch each shape.

**** Be fore warned as you do each target practicing there's a good chance as a beginner your mind grab's my forest path Icon, omit this pictorial distraction in your mind after it occurs this will start training your mind to only view the target each time, and is another basic objective to sort out of your head, to stay focused on only the target for each round.

These first images will just begin to awaken your psychic intuition, grade yourself on your raw ability today and see how you progress with flash cards over time. I will show you 3 new examples within each new level of complexity. Then use Google Images to select other appropriate similar targets for your partner, or have a family member randomly select one for you to work on your own. Remember live real time sessions and scenarios are the optimal learning tool for absorbing any practice target !

Each level will become more complex and challenging, when you have reached 70 % accuracy move to the next level. It may be more productive to buy basic shape and color flash cards designed for pre school age children, shuffling them and placing them face down on your desk or table to rework them over and over until you become proficient . Since at this time I have no way to randomly regenerate these images for you and provide you a continual practice.
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B & W Simple Shapes
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