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 Dowsing: Beginners First Response

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PostSubject: Dowsing: Beginners First Response   Sun Oct 22, 2006 11:07 am

Hi all..

My name is Heather and I live near Seattle, WA. I am also new to dowsing,
I just bought my first pendulum (a very beautiful blue/green one) a few weeks
ago. My step mom introduced me to it all. The way I've been using it
is by first asking it to show me yes and no so I know what the
response is that it is giving me. Is this correct? I've been
successful at getting responses, but I find that many times, the
answers I am getting do not come to pass. I am wondering what the
accuracy rate is of the answers I am given. Am I doing something
wrong? How often should I cleanse my pendulum and how should I
cleanse it? I am not currently using any sort of chart, just yes/no.
Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!



The rituals of cleansing are fluff, It's all about you and your nervous system. It's strange how no one ever mentions a need for cleansing there L Rods or other tools. You simply need to come in calm and relaxed, with only a very brief phrase or question. It can be considered a task, since our own right brain is the relay station, should we ever need to clean away anything it would be the baggage holding us back in our own minds like mental distractions or blocks not washing the stone in a sink, spring water, or rain water set in only moonlite one full cycle these are un needed ritual practices, so is keeping your stone out of sunlight Rolling Eyes Embarassed . Remember past the tasked intent question there's no thinking it's all feeling being attuned to subtle nerve actions and allowing them to work on there own. Dowsing is an art just like coloring was when you were a kid no pressure, enjoyable, and a stress releaser as the pendulum swings try to think of it as coloring a picture for you in the same fashion. Wrist limber, hold position 3 1/2 inches up perpendicular (not cocked or binding the swing directions) with your hand still.

Statement Example : Locate my keys. Then you don't want a open ended timeline, put today's date current time in the thought.

Question Example : Where are my keys ? and again the timeline and date, or you'll hit on every residual location you commonly placed your keys since you've lived in the home.

Now use individual keywords; Go room by room include your porch, purse, car, workplace, friends home, friends car, restaurant, stores and all the places you've traveled out from the most logical and highest probable locations using YES or NO response.

To practice have a family member hide an object in one of the rooms in the home, locate the room, then draw a box representing the room and triangulate the general area.

Trying to dowse the future of living freewill people or animals, unless there is a planned event already fixed in time or a life time habit that occurs regardless. You will only have a slight probability of the occurrence by using a chart you can see that percentage anything under 60 % is unlikely, due to 50 / 50 being like a coin flip.

Also try reading these informative sites for more history, and tips...

Home diagnosis the old fashioned way Lee Barnes shares the science and mystery




Very Happy
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Dowsing: Beginners First Response
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