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 Empathic Practice Session 1A32M

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PostSubject: Empathic Practice Session 1A32M   Sat Oct 21, 2006 10:59 pm

Basic Outline for Empathic Sense Practice Data

Residual environment for life forms targeted

warm low 80's
( Obtained by drawing temperature graph using Pensweep )
green around primarily (vegitation)
( Obitained by Primary Color chart using Pensweep )
( ALL Obtained by pen sweeping over written choices indoor ,outdoor, day, night, seasons, location, etc.)
sun at 11
palms around
little hilly

Emotional and psychical residual sense taken from the Targeted life form(s)

pulling, pulling
arching back
tugging, tug, tug
standing back
backing away
I feel like it will rain soon

Had this been a replica dinosaur skull no primal action, instincts or fitting conditions would be noted among the emotional descriptors. My remote view here is to show you after 32 million years you still can pick up emotional residuals like it was yesterday. We are only after empathic and psychical residuals in our practices, if your inclined to pick up more psychic data naturally or are a Remote Viewer, just add it under a separate category as I did with,
Residual environment for life forms targeted .
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Empathic Practice Session 1A32M
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