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 Essay's on the PK Man

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PostSubject: Essay's on the PK Man   Thu Oct 19, 2006 4:37 pm

Logic and The PK Man

In my own experience, and in that of other UFO investigators, the Ted Owens case is not an isolated case. It is only the most extraordinary modern case out of many others. This suggests that the total picture does indeed deserve serious attention, and that this most salient case should provide more insights than those derived from cases with lesser strangeness.

The extraordinary powers or abilities of Mr. Ted Owens - abilities to influence material phenomena such as willing the location and timing of lightning strikes, the ability to influence weather, and the ability to influence the outcome of athletic competitions, is far beyond the lesser powers attributed to other individuals. I am sure that particular instances of Mr. Owens' demonstrations can be successfully challenged by skeptics, but also believe that the entire story would survive such a challenge. In other words, the work in its entirety constitutes a credible set of extraordinary facts that echo a lesser set that we can find in other humans, but which have seldom made their way into public discourse.

I am very aware of the methods used by the media, and the average person as well, in evaluating such controversial matters. This conventional method uses examples to prove a point. Lost in their understanding is the logical truth that no number of examples can prove a negative, although one example can sometimes prove a positive. When described in this stark way, it should be obvious to any observer. Nevertheless the method of using a large number of examples that throw doubts on a phenomenon is routinely used by debunkers to discredit a phenomena. The prevalence of this method of arguing is so pervasive that we hardly notice its fallacy.

So evidence of a failed attempt to produce a seemingly impossible event (and I have been one of the witnesses to one such Owen attempt, described in Chapter Four) does not invalidate a mass of other data. In my own experience I have observed less spectacular parallels to Ted Owens' unusual powers, and I have friends who have both observed and carefully recorded other such unusual cases. Only the sheer magnitude of Ted Owens' abilities separates him from other individuals in other cases.

I think it would be a mistake to think that Owens himself was able to produce the events he takes credit for. To fully understand his case one must go further into other cases where humans have displayed extraordinary powers. In those cases open to careful examination, it has been my conclusion that most turn out to be powers exerted by extraterrestrial groups or individual extraterrestrial beings. This is the most likely alternative to the claim that ALL the events reported in the Ted Owens case are fraudulent (and I mean every one). Lacking fraud, any other alternative explanation would still have to involve the collaboration of some other godlike power or undefined spiritual entity. Good evidence for such interventions are found in history, notably in the history contained in the Christian Bible, although it is usually assumed by modern critics that these are the result of fantasy or error.

Excerpted from: http://www.williamjames.com/essays.htm

See Psychic Methods here: http://www.williamjames.com/
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Essay's on the PK Man
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