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 Psychometry and Animism

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PostSubject: Psychometry and Animism   Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:18 pm

Psychometry is the psychic ability to perceive the characters, surroundings, and events connected with any person by holding an object belonging to that person in your hands to gather psychic info about the subject. Psychometry has been defined as "a psychic power possessed by certain individuals which enables them to divine the history of, or events connected with, a material object with which they come into close contact."
It is speculated the ability existed in ancient times all along as scrying, but it was renamed and discussed in more recent times by J. Rhodes Buchanan, an American scientist, in 1842.Thru experimentation with his students from The Cincinnati Medical School. The term is derived from the Greek words psyche (soul) and metron (measure) when combined meaning "measurement of the human soul." Buchanan's theory was based on the belief that every thought, action, and event that has ever occurred since the beginning of time leaves an impression or residual emanation on the animate and inanimate of its intimate surrounds, and these impression's would never be erased during what is considered as time, and contained the recorded emotions and senses within them that could be played back in the mind of the psychometrist. (thus the psychic picking up unwanted residual overlay from all before him/her seem's to fit also.) This is why many closely related the ability of psychometry to the Akashic records. Psychometry is done in a normal state of mind and requires no odd trances there is no preparation needed except to be relaxed focus your intent and hold the object in question absorbing its transmitted residual thru your empathic sense, with closed eyes for the visual impressions.

Psychometry seem's similarly connected to animism. The belief that all objects possess an inert ability to receive or transmit impressions to other objects, at subliminal levels. In this way the impressions of an individual or object can be transmitted to another object which that person has in his possession, and the object can later transmit the same impressions to another individual holding the identical object in his hand. The object is likened to a television receiver and transmitter, in that we all receives and transmits residual impressions.

Psychometry has also been thought to be connected to aural residuals given off by all objects. Others believe the success of ancient Reiki practices in healing people of their ill's was due to their ability to translate these psychometric signals thru the aura by touch. He this theory when tested was found evidenced that it was probably true. The connection between psychometry and auras is based on the theory that the human mind radiates an aura in all directions, and around the entire body which impresses everything within its range like a radio signal. All objects, no matter how solid they appear, are porous at molecular levels. These nano crevices in the object collect fragments of residuals from those aural signals of the person coming in direct contact with that object. Since the brain and nervous system generates the aural signal the hand is how your would approach trying to receive or pick up on better residuals.

Psychometry as akin to the mind's eye, within our nervous system. It seems the center which receives the impressions or visions registers them in the same cerebral area where dreams are registered from your right brain. There is also a central area where the pineal gland is located in the middle of the frontal lobe between your eyebrows. Some medical doctors have referred to this gland as a primordial relic of the third eye which primitive man had wider daily use for in his environment. Psychometry can help in many areas of life like the recovery of knowledge from past and some planned or predestined future events. Primitive society thought stones were important for psychic endeavors and noted a psychometrist investigated the stone circle called the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire. He claimed to gain valuable information concerning ancient rites once performed at the site.

The final thought is, that many have the ability lying recessed within them, and could learn to use Psychometry if they have the time, patience and the willful intent to do so.

My Shorter Version on Animism: Excerpted and Modified

The term animism is derived from the Latin word anima meaning breath or soul. The belief of animism is probably one of primitive man's oldest beliefs, with its origin most likely dating to the Paleolithic age. From its earliest beginnings it was a belief that a soul or spirit existed in every object, even if it was inanimate by primitive man. In a future state this soul or spirit would exist as part of an immaterial soul. The spirit, therefore, was thought to be universal and eternal.

A British (1871) Definition of animism "as a general belief in spiritual beings and considered it 'a minimal definition of religion.'" He stated all primitive paganistic religions were based on the simple to the more complex and all shared some sort of animistic belief. According to him primitive peoples, defined as those without a written tradition, believed the spirits or souls caused life in human beings. They pictured these souls as vapors or shadows going from one body to another. The souls not only passed between human beings but into, plants, animals and inanimate objects as well. It is reasoned primitive man arrived at his animistic belief to help them explain and better accept the causes of sleep, dreams, and death. There naturally aroused a need to distinguish between an individual who was awake and one who was asleep, or an individual who lived and one who did not. Also there was a need to give a reason for the pictures some saw when they sleep.
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Psychometry and Animism
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