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 The Dowsers working Brain Pattern

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PostSubject: The Dowsers working Brain Pattern   Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:24 pm

Abstracted from ` `The `American `Dowser', Volume 23, No.1 - February 1983 by `Barbara `Prisbe, a past Director of `CSQ, and Editor of ` `The `American `Dowser '. As Measured on the Mind Mirror, by `Edith M. `Jurka, `M.D. Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology The Mind Mirror is an instrument designed in London by Dr. C. `Maxwell `Cade `F.I.E.E., `F.I.Physics, `F.I.Bio., `F.R.So.Health, `F.R.So.Medicine, awarded the `Oliver `Lodge Research Grant of the College of Psychic Studies, and `Geoffrey `Blundell, electronics expert and designer.The Mind Mirror consists of two electroencephalographs which record both sides of the brain instantaneously. The brain frequency analysis consists of 14 different frequency ranges, from .075 Hz to 38 Hz.

Original patterns

Five original patterns were established. When checking Dowsers it was found that a sixth and different pattern emerged... see diagram; which show the left and right brain wave patterns for various states in normal people, and those observed in meditative people and in experienced Dowsers. Concerning the very high delta amplitude in all the Dowsers, Dr. `Cade said it correlates with higher levels of consciousness and a reaching out to the unknown. Certainly this is the essence of what a Dowser does - reach out for information not available to the 5 ordinary senses. A confirmation of this interpretation is that the delta frequencies are absent in the 5th State pattern of yogis, whose practice does not include a search. The increased beta amplitude (which yogis do not have) could come from both sides of the Dowser's brain concentrating hard on the object of the search. Perhaps the varying amplitudes of theta in the different Dowsers reflect in some way a degree of " spirituality " - for want of a better word. It may be that this tends to increase in such a person as he or she lives longer.

Additional lnfo : http://www.centerpointe.com/pop_ups/eeg_pop.php

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The Dowsers working Brain Pattern
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