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 Progressing to Deeper Level's of Psychic Contact

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PostSubject: Progressing to Deeper Level's of Psychic Contact   Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:34 pm

I just recently ran across another idea to improve psychic data that's very interesting, of course everything we try starts as a progression you cant just jump into anything.
For example in Pensweep you first jump start your receiving signal by using another person's eyes as the long distance relay station, sort of like having a psychic restricted drivers license then one day. While practicing with that method soon you learn your also viewing thru the limits of that persons vision too, a person going blind sends images in a cartoon fashion easy to read because there's less small detail, and a person with farsightedness sends huge images up close, and watery eyes blur your drawing like rain running down a window pane, so after a while the margin of error thru others eyes gets old, and you'll want to fly solo so you might say the first time today I'm going to step to the side of my usual relay link by 2 feet and just see what happens and WHOAAA...Hey you'll find you can still see ! Plus the relay person vision problems if they were hindering you are now gone too, woohooooo !!! About that time you'll feel like the first man on mars, and want to phone home !!!
From that point on you'll venture out practicing flying solo further every day at whatever pace suites your mind. Until the next big leap, you'll wonder if you can hover in the air and look down like a bird, ( and thru walls,etc..) and when the times right you will do that too !! With feedback afterward each time to keep it real, this isn't based on ego trips, or fantasy.
So now we ponder another area of discovery lets say you've gained empathic skill, and had it for some time, for me I always use it singularly as a way to feel emotions of people. Now lets say also in your psychic tool box you've used the closed eye visualizations many times also, and that's another singular tool you've used many times. That's great and they both are a great way to gain psychic information on there own, but what's the next level of awareness, how do we evolve to a deeper level ? You combine them and use them both at the same time, first opening a empathic link feeling your subject, then closing your eyes adding the intent to pick up those fragmented psychic pictorial visuals to put you in there place at a even deeper level of contact.
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Progressing to Deeper Level's of Psychic Contact
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