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 Kinesiology, Devcielessly Dowsing Quantum Consciousness

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PostSubject: Kinesiology, Devcielessly Dowsing Quantum Consciousness   Sun May 20, 2007 6:06 pm

I read a seminar once in paperback form by Dr. David R Hawkins speaking at The University of California on Consciousness and Spirituality. The first 27 pages are about Kinesiology, the technical term for what is a way to use your own body as the dowsing tool testing your questions truth muscle resistance vs. fade (fade out representing false, unhealthful or the limit of a truth margin.) This system answering whatever question you have intended from the quantum level of consciousness, thru muscle testing. So I'd love to see you read this soft back binder I've listed with the ISBN below, and maybe check out the other 1 in time. I think you will greatly enjoy them both.

If you have no one to help you during your test session's as a partner while testing your muscles resistance fade, use a weight held level upon questioning hung from your wrist off from the arm of a chair for example, and use whatever you find most desirable as a testing weight experimenting, or read the instructional link below.

Dialogues on Consciousness and Spirituality
By David R. Hawkins, M.D.,Ph.D.
ISBN 09643261-7-5

The other Book is:

Power vs. Force
By David R. Hawkins,MD.,PhD.
ISBN: 1561709336

Additional Ref:


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Kinesiology, Devcielessly Dowsing Quantum Consciousness
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