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 Equestrian Dowsing

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PostSubject: Equestrian Dowsing   Fri May 18, 2007 12:40 pm

Mind power perks up horses

By JAMIE SEARLE - The Southland Times | Saturday, 19 May 2007

ROBYN EDIE/Southland Times

EQUINE TREATMENT: Clarrie Woodward performing energy healing on racehorse Kane Andrew (above), with stablemate Safe looking on at Ascot Park Raceway yesterday.

An interest in energy healing has turned into a fulltime job for former Southland harness racing trainer Clarrie Woodward.
Now living in Hororata, Woodward mentally puts energy into horses and people to start their recovery process. Soreness, toxins and viruses are some complaints he treats.
Woodward treats mostly equestrian horses, but interest is growing in the racing industry. He has studied and practised energy healing for about nine years.
Woodward performs dowsing to assess and treat a horse. He moves two rods over the horse, similar to someone searching for water in the ground.
"It picks up everything that isn't right, all the disorders," Woodward said yesterday.
He directs his mental energy at the horse's chakras the body's energy areas to start the healing.
A crystal on a small chain is also used by Woodward to detect health problems.
"You can't expect a horse to race if it's in pain. When a horse is in pain their personality changes." Woodward said when he first started energy healing, some of his friends rubbished the treatment.
"Convincing people is the biggest problem. Some say it can't be done.
"Ladies aren't so sceptical." West Melton riding instructor Margaret Pickering is impressed by Woodward's work.
"Every treatment has clearly been beneficial and the horses have shown marked improvement in injury recovery, soundness, behaviour and well-being," she said.

SOURCE :http://www.stuff.co.nz/southlandtimes/4064636a6913.html
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Equestrian Dowsing
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