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 Dowsing: Using Pensweep to Scan The Bones W / Self Test

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PostSubject: Dowsing: Using Pensweep to Scan The Bones W / Self Test   Fri Oct 13, 2006 3:22 pm

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There are 206 bones in the human skeleton.
Long bones are connected by tendons to your muscular structure, and ligaments to your joints. The hollow of long bones are filled with marrow, this is yellow as an adult in children the marrow is red and gradually changes. The long bones remain separated during childhood by a growing zone of cartilage to reduce injury and the possibility of bone fracture until the you reaches skeletal maturity at18 to 25 years of age, during that period the cartilage fuses joints together more rigidly. The minerals in bone are mainly calcium, phosphate and carbonate.

Bones under stress release calcium in micro amounts through a process of generating a small electro diamagnetic field around the stress lines of these effected bones. Causing a precise regenerating vibration along these spidering areas of microscopic bone stress forming bumpy ridges as they repair them self's. Think about this for a minute the earth has geomagnetic fields, and around the stresses fault lines form bumps or ridges in its shifting and restructuring, and we have biomagnetic fields repairing our microscopic stress related injuries, in the case of bruises bio chemically activate vibrational repairs that resonate at very subtle ranges. Now in machines like a lie detector, or MRI they work picking up on the wider bands with stronger fields, while currently only we can pick up on the fields of the more subtle ranges and variety while pen sweeping or dowsing for them on intent..

Defining Piezoelectric Effect: The production of a voltage between opposite sides of a piezoelectric crystalline mineral structure from either Apatite in bone, Quartz in the earth that is caused by the result of pressure or twisting. Also the reverse effect which the application of a voltage to the opposite polarity causes a deformation to occur within the area of that frequency.

In ancient times the native Indians of Colorado, the Ute's found quartz crystals in local river beds and when they inserted these rocks into there ceremonial buffalo hide rattles and it was shaken in the night ceremonies, the friction and stress created arch's of luminescence, and flashes of light which they believed were the spirits of there deceased relatives revealing themselves. They had actually been exposed to the P- effect which generates both light and electricity through the magnetic fields under stressful pressure when the quartz was clacked together as the rattle was shaken. Yet another example of ceremonial religion created from undiscovered scientific principle.

When proper techniques were applied to this same piezoelectric material in current times it has had even far more amazing ability than the Ute's gave it credit ! Today the P-effect is used for its amazing properties, in all kinds of home electronics also sonar, ultrasound, transducers, electric lighters, sensors, microphones, acoustics, ink jet printers, fuel injectors, lasers and the tens stimulator to name a few.

Known frequency ranges of interest are 432 and 528 the latter being used to harmonically induce cell and tissue growth currently in the medical community, and in cloning.

Now we can relate the P-effect to Auras looking at areas of injury, they are deformed sunk inward denoting the reverse polarity signal, the spiking areas are diamagnetic fields in excess, commonly seen around a persons head from different thought patterns, but in the body these areas are out of balance, or in excess while in the process of healing or decline.

Certain crystalline gems of different colors are said to aid in healing when laid on a sick person externally, Apatite and Quartz are only 2 of them. You may be beginning to see now, how the effect from correct placement of these gems may have actually had a working basis to some degree now, when combined with the power of intent, and the nervous system, or acupoints.

In the case of missing persons the best remnant to target when map locating is any major bone structure, it can also be used this as a 2nd witness when practicing map locating live practice partners.

Bone disease includes cancers, osteoporosis, cyst, fiber displacement a genetic deformity, giant cell deformities, scoliosis, infection, Renal osteodystrophy caused by kidneys failing to maintain the proper levels of calcium and phosphorus in your blood, and at the joints in the cartilage arthritis, tumor, flat feet. Accidental problems include bruises, fractures of varying degrees, cracks,spurs, chips, and in the bones connective tissues worn, or torn ligaments, tendons, and fractures to the vertebras can cause spinal cord injury and in there shearing nerve damage, etc. This is only a basic sampling, as usual you will want to create your own create database from your experiences as you progress.

Here is a site with great diagrams and descriptions for you when isolating bones,
Lake Michigan College Human Anatomy 205, The Skeletal System

Self Test

Instructions: Date this practice session for July 20th, 2006 as your timeline to isolate. Locate and identify each persons condition from the subgroups list above. The conditions below are mismatched and need to be corrected and location identified and detailed, by scanning only the skeletal structure. There is more to find than you have been asked on each individual overall, only identify and match by particular injury or disease listed using your skill's.

Jim F. Scoliosis, locate offset vertebras by sector C,T or L and number / fractured foot
Desa bone cancer
Jacob C broken femur / knee joint replacement
Russ E. broken arm / damaged hip joint
Eva M.. ribs / hand
Chuck vertebras / locate spinal cord injury by sector C,T or L and number, along with any other vertebras impacted in the injury.
Lisa locate spinal condition and name.


Answers :

Jim F. Was using a chainsaw recently, and a log above him on the hillside he had just cut rolled down over his left leg, fracturing it sharply at a 1 O clock angle, the break runs low to the inside just at 3 inches above knee to high outside. Also his left femur bone was surgically cut off above the joint articulation hinge because he has had a previous left knee replacement due to a motorcycle wreck.

Desa Has a spinal curvature the wear points are located from the right corner of T 11, T 10 wear point is just right of center, T 9 wear point just left of center, and T 8 wear point is lower left corner. Other subgroups to check for on this type of birth defect are worn discs, surgery's, fusions, rods, screws, nerve impingement, ligaments or muscles tears and strains, scars etc.

Lisa Also had a spinal curvature at birth, starting at L 3 on the right top of vertebrae gradually sweeping left to left upper corner of T 8 , then re curving back right ending at low right T 2. This was a long arch, surgically altered by a rod bracing T 11 up to T 7 on the left supporting her spine, and at present her spine still curved above that is worn left lower T 6 minorly, just inside left lower T 5 more upper T 5 left of center, T 4 just right of center and at the lower right corner of T 3. She had also fractured her tailbone tip right side falling on ice.

Jacob C. Has been battling bone cancer in his left leg, he is a teenager as of today the battle is being won. You should have noted the past bone cancer in the left tibia above his ankle.

Russ E The carpal bone, left hand, below the ring finger was fractured in a comma shape from striking at a bad angle, and the left ribs fractured at low 6 and upper 7, from handle bars of a bicycle accident as a child.

Eva M Was in a automobile accident, and has the encapsulating Ulna bone at the elbow center to inner side blown out, and is missing, spurs, also 2 Ulna fractures above the wrist in the forearm with currently limited arm motion,( you may note the screws placement for recovery by looking for bumps on the bone today) The radial bone had a semicircular break above center, inner arm and formed a bump at that location healing, and a bone spur at the top of the left shoulder joint in the scapula.
Also her left hip socket was blown out you will note the tear in the hip saddle and current pin interfering creating inflammation and pain..
Additional Note: If you check Acupoint's on Eva you will note a hit for intestinal puncturing, and see surgical marks on the stomach and intestines, she has had a stomach reduction surgery also.

Chuck Bought a new Honda motorcycle in the 70's, the manufacturer never took the cosmoline off the front brake rotor it locked on a corner and being threw off impacted the guardrail and left Chuck paralyzed. See T 5 and T 6 for diagonal L shape fracture, and spinal cord damage area. T 6 having the L corner at left center turning at 45 degree angles to 4 and 2 O Clock roughly, the sheer continuing thru T 5 lower right corner.
Chuck also suffers from kidney stone's should you like to learn the marker feel for them.

**You also may use these answers to jump start anyone's 6th sense, since bones are easier to grasp than most internal body parts in a psychic sense, if you've missed them. To now re sweep these same areas with confidence to jump start and train your mind what to look and feel for. If you still cannot grasp anything using this technique you just may not have a knack for 6th sense awareness..

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Dowsing: Using Pensweep to Scan The Bones W / Self Test
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