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 McMoneagle's Future Prediction's

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PostSubject: McMoneagle's Future Prediction's   Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:45 pm

Atlantis Rising 1999

"Veteran Remote Viewer Joe McMoneagle Turns His Gaze on the Future"
by William P. Eigles

As the third Millennium of the Common Era fast approaches, the urge to know what the future holds for our world, and know it accurately, seems to be noticeably quickening. From the works of such celebrated prophets of yesteryear as Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, and St. Malachy to the publications of modern-day seers such as Edgar Cayce and Gordon Michael Scallion and astrologers Noel Tyl and Edwin Meece, popular interest in esoteric prophecy is burgeoning as an uncertain and increasingly jittery public faces the looming Great Turning Point.
www.atlantisrising. com

Enter Joseph ("Joe") McMoneagle, a verifiably gifted and much-honored practitioner of the psychic art of remote viewing, whose new entry in the field, The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer's Perception of Time and Predictions for the New Millennium, has recently been released by Hampton Rhodes Publishing. What futurist John Naisbitt did for futurecasting via content analysis in his books Megatrends and Megatrends 2000, Joe McMoneagle does in The Ultimate Time Machine via remote viewing-then some.

Culled from the author's records of over 20 years of professional remote viewing, first for U.S. Army intelligence and then privately, McMoneagle's work sweeps across the next 100 years of world history with a broad yet comprehensive stroke, and then, as the piéce de résistance, alights a thousand years into the future, for a look at life on planet Earth in the year 3000. What makes The Ultimate Time Machine especially intriguing, however, is that it is much more than a simple compendium of over 150 explicit and often precise predictions about our future. McMoneagle includes provocative examples of historical viewings as well-including transcripts from lab sessions-of such momentous targets as the origins of humanity, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. The who, how, and why of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is also covered. All are truly-even compellingly-fascinating.

The phenomenon of remote viewing as developed and practiced by McMoneagle was explored in great detail in his first book, Mind Trek, first published in 1993 and then revised and republished in 1997.

In his new book, McMoneagle prefaces his predictions with an overview of Project STAR GATE, the military psychic intelligence unit of which he was an original member and from which he emerged into retirement in 1984. He then proceeds to dispel popular myths about remote viewing and explains the proper protocols for using it as an effective paranormal predictive tool. His long-standing, oft-validated experience as a mind traveler through time and space enables him to also present some novel, unusually informed views about the nature of the past, present, and future; physical reality; and what he calls "the Verne Effect," named after the stunningly prescient French novelist of the 19th century. The Verne Effect posits that, instead of the future having been "predicted" in the past, the future can be (and is) created in the present through individuals actively and deliberately conceptualizing it in The mind as already existing and then, subsequently, other individuals taking quality action to make it so. McMoneagle believes that modern visionaries, like Jules Verne in the last century, who are able to share their visions "proactively," create rallying points within the "Unconscious Consensus" (the unconsciously driven, "assumed order" of events and circumstances in the world) for others to be inspired, respond, and thus help manifest the physical reality of what has been differently and particularly envisioned.

McMoneagle thus appears to be unabashedly in the camp of the emergent "New Age" cosmologists who postulate, among other things, that our thoughts create our reality, whether by default (unconsciously) or by design (consciously). In a recent interview with AR, he disclosed that, "I feel strongly that we're directly responsible for what happens in our future via our thoughts. I want to prove that remote viewing the future will change it; I want to prove that by my book. By envisioning something and talking about it, the energy is generated that produces it. And I believe that the energy that's invested needs to be positive. My book is an attempt to counterbalance the forces of negativity (that are currently shaping the future)." Surprisingly, McMoneagle notes that his biggest critics to date have come from an unlikely camp: New Agers. Many are upset, he claims, because his sometimes positive predictions do not comport with their much more pessimistic vision of the future.

McMoneagle has already seen evidence that his compiled record as a highly accurate remote viewer will only be enhanced by the forecasts rendered in his book. He notes with a chuckle that he has already received calls from scientists telling him that some of his predictions regarding technological developments actually outline their current work in process, work that has not yet been made public! Moreover, he claims that because several of the book's other predictions came true during the year between his submission of the manuscript and its publication, he felt impelled to replace them with additional, new ones that had not yet eventuated, lest he become vulnerable to claims that he had done his foretelling with foreknowledge. In any event, McMoneagle explains that the biggest thrill in remote viewing for him is not the actual viewing itself, which he considers almost mechanical, but the receiving of positive, confirmatory feedback after the predicted event has occurred. Evidently, he has already received quite a few thrills based on the contents of his book.

So, what does McMoneagle foresee for us? Ironically, at the threshold, many AR readers may revel most in what the author has predicted concerning the past, specifically Atlantis and the discovery of the fabled, ancient Hall of Records that famous seer and mystic Edgar Cayce prophesied in the 1930s would be found under the left front of the Sphinx before the end of this century. McMoneagle forecasts that, by 2001, a search team will indeed discover a sealed, vault-type room within 75 yards of the front left of the Sphinx. However, all that will be found in there will be some detritus and a roomful of old air. McMoneagle suggests in conversation, however, that that air may be the most important find of all, for it may somehow show that the room was sealed 12,000 years ago-evidence that might help validate the controversial theories of "new-wave" Egyptologists John Anthony West, Dr. Robert Shoch, and others. Intriguingly, the author expressed his preliminary surmise, based on his accumulated data to date, that "more structure" probably exists beneath that room as well.

Perhaps more important is McMoneagle's interpretation of the meaning of the Sphinx, and what that portends for the actual location of an ancient vault with genuine, physical records. Viewing the significance of the Sphinx as allegorical, as the protective lion of the land, McMoneagle considers the left paw of the Sphinx, in this larger sense, to rest over the city of Alexandria. It is there, he believes, in the southeastern portion of the city, that a great tomb of clay tablets will be found between 2030-33. As for the lost continent of Atlantis itself, McMoneagle asserts that it will be found even earlier, between 2012-14, lying under the Aegean Sea, somewhere south of the city of Piraeus, Greece. On land, he notes, the island town of Aoyina carries evidence of its existence.

Also of especial interest to AR readers is McMoneagle's prediction that new anthropological discoveries in Africa will establish by 2010 that Neanderthal and modern man descended from separate lineages; much later, the probable origin of man will ultimately be determined to be comet-borne viruses. Additionally, he prophesies that new evidence that North America was visited as early as 1100 will be discovered in Nova Scotia before 2022.

Apart from the last chapter detailing life a millennium hence, McMoneagle's predictions extend out from the present to the year 2075. The scope of prognostications is wide, with all topics and matters broadly categorized under the six headings used by the World Future Society to classify all world issues for discussion: Demography, Economics, Environment, Governments, Social (which includes archaeology and anthropology), and Technology. Inevitably, there is some overlap among categories. Under the Demography category, for example, McMoneagle presents specific forecasts of squabbles and clashes between ethnic groups around the world, mostly in Africa and Asia, many of which are expected to occur within the next 22 years or so.

In this section also, among many things, the author foresees a huge expansion in the legal definition of marriage between people, a major trend towards androgyny in clothing and hairstyles, the widespread use of nonpermanent tattoos and the advent of cosmetic scents for both sexes based on pheromones-all designed to evoke certain desires in people within range! Male pattern baldness will be eradicated by ingesting pills, assisted suicide will become a lawful choice, and teenagers will be wearing tracking devices subcutaneously by 2020, for purposes of law enforcement. A new metaphysical religion bridging science and spirituality will emerge; the next pope will ascend to the Chair of St. Peter in late 1999 (but Christianity's overall adherents will decline significantly by 2025); and additional Dead Sea Scrolls will be located between 2011-13.

In the Economics section, by way of a small sampling, McMoneagle sees only four major banks in America by 2030; a common currency for North America by 2040; serious world food production problems by 2039; manned manufacturing companies on the Moon by 2055 and automated manufacturing plants on Mars and two other moons by 2075; a major stock market drop in late 2006, caused by a war in the Middle East; two new car engine types powered, respectively, by on-board, water-separated hydrogen and a new, exotic electrochemistry; bicycles-only transportation restrictions in four American cities by 2025, the business use of Russian submarines for container transport; and the actual teleportation of small physical objects by 2050.

The author views with concern many developments that will occur regarding the Environment. McMoneagle expects air quality to degrade seriously, giving rise to a national epidemic of allergies in children and widespread air-scrubbing in buildings. Major tree-planting efforts will occur globally beginning in China around 2015 as a way of re-"greening" the planet, but not having their full effect until 2080-90. "Designer animals," the products of creative genetic manufacturing, will emerge from 2030-50, originally as pets and then as farm animals, leading to new meat delicacies. (People themselves will be able to shop for desired genetic characteristics in their offspring in 2050!)

For those expecting serious physical earth changes in the offing, McMoneagle's predictions do not disappoint. A continuing rise in average tides will threaten coastal cities worldwide by 2025, according to the author, with Key West and some cities in Europe and the Far East being abandoned around 2045. Underground cities, cities built on platforms, and miniature floating cities will begin to appear during the first 35 years of the 21st century. A new string of Pacific islands will begin to form between Japan and Hawaii after 2041, and the mining exploration of Antarctica will begin in 2020. Killer earthquakes will occur around the globe, with Los Angeles expected to be hit sometime in 2013-15 and San Francisco during 2022-23, both among the numerous other locales that McMoneagle tabulates in his book for easy reference. A quake occurring in upstate New York in 2050 will be the worst natural disaster in American history. Hurricane activity will also become more frequent, severe, and deadly, with people abandoning island living in the Bahamas and Virgin Islands by 2025 as a result. An asteroid passing Earth in 2016 will have an electromagnetic effect on the Earth's surface, and the existence of a tenth planet in our solar system will be verified by telescope in 2015.

With respect to the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, McMoneagle foresees that, by 2020, sufficient hard proof will exist to establish that UFOs are real vehicles-probably time machines, and likely piloted by intelligent beings. However, he claims that their point of origin will not be established till about 2060. Formal contact with them will not occur until 2075-77, and then at their instigation. In the meantime, a coherent but indecipherable signal from a planet in another solar system will be detected by 2018 and the existence of humanoid life on Mars a very long time ago, originating from a crashed alien space vehicle, will be confirmed by 2035. By 2050, through orbiting information-gathering satellites, Venus and Saturn will be shown to have basic life forms existing on their surfaces. As for our own space efforts, the author expects to see an expanding, international orbital space station in place by 2025 and the use of a runway-utilizing space plane to reach it; a second, privately owned space station by 2050; a shuttle bus to the Moon after 2025; and an operational Moon base for manufacturing such things as exotic drugs and metal alloys for electronics by 2070.

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PostSubject: Re: McMoneagle's Future Prediction's   Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:46 pm

PG 2 of 2 story cont.....

Under the heading of Governments, McMoneagle foretells many matters pertaining to crime, diplomacy & politics, espionage, new laws, the military and war. Among them: the abolition of the death penalty in America by 2022, unless requested by a convicted multiple murderer in lieu of long-term incarceration; the addition of two new states to the Union by 2050 (neither of which will be Puerto Rico); the relocation of the United Nations after 2025 to an island outside the United States; and the negotiated resolution of a serious Sino-Russian border dispute between 2010-12.

In the world of spying, McMoneagle foresees the active use of paranormal functioning for intelligence-gathering by at least seven countries by 2025, and the use of remote viewing to significantly reduce the search areas for mass-destruction weapons even earlier, by 2008. Militarily, American and European soldiers will carry "death ray" rifles with a range in excess of 500 meters by 2015, and American infantry at least will wear lightweight, woven body armor by 2020; by 2030, they will also wear camouflage that mirrors the surroundings and can vary from all white to all black.

World peace will remain elusive until well after 2200, per McMoneagle. Of great significance, we can expect a second, bigger, Persian Gulf war before 2003 in northern Iraq, one that will last four years and directly result in government turnovers in over half a dozen countries, outright insurrection in others afterwards, and the near dissolution of the NATO alliance. Just as sadly, before the end of 2004, the United States may face the hostile use of a biological weapon inside its borders by an enemy state. Even earlier, before 2002, McMoneagle sees a biological warfare accident in a Middle Eastern country that will kill almost 100,000 people and cause a city to be abandoned; civil war erupting in three Near Eastern states, including Saudi Arabia; and war breaking out on the Korean peninsula after the signing of peace accords and the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

In the Social arena, McMoneagle's forecasts span the areas of anthropology and archaeology, education and entertainment, family lifestyle, language, sex, and sports. Across the expansive realm of Technology, his predictions detail many new and innovative developments in computers, sound systems, home construction, medicine, high power, nuclear weapons, telecommunications, and terrestrial spacecraft.

In the last chapter of the book, the author paints an exquisite picture of our world in the year 3000, a vision at once enchanting, evocative, and sobering. In describing the cities and landscapes, the technologies and lifestyles, the spiritual beliefs and practices, and the social mores of the distant future, McMoneagle's style of prose seems to change, and one senses that somehow he has actually been to this future and walked around there a bit. Although no one now living will likely experience the physical reality of that period on Earth, each of us can perhaps become tangibly inspired in some way by the surrealistic allure of that epoch-and act constructively in furtherance of it. Surely, Joe McMoneagle would be very happy to hear confirmatory feedback about such action, and perhaps that wonderfully humane world he has remote-viewed a thousand years from now might, as a result, arrive just a little bit sooner.
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McMoneagle's Future Prediction's
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