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 My 4/1/2007 attempt at predicting Lottery

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PostSubject: My 4/1/2007 attempt at predicting Lottery   Sun Apr 01, 2007 3:40 pm

Every April fools day I play the lottery to see how close I can get sensing and manifesting the correct lottery numbers here are last nights results.

The actual numbers were 15 22 28 37 42 49

My results were 15 23 28 37 32 50

line 1 is by feel, line 2 is my invented technique of Pen sweeping, line 3 is by pendulum which isn't as reliable sometimes, line 4 was a random mix experiment.
As you can see 3 are correct 2 are off by one number, (of which I had my own mental sway on due to a fluxuation pull) This is what I percieve as a -/+ 1 flux in random future timelines that naturally occur, and something I need to over come.

I will have 5 soon, then take them all !!!

Very Happy
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My 4/1/2007 attempt at predicting Lottery
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