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 Dowsing and the Wording of Questions

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PostSubject: Dowsing and the Wording of Questions   Fri Oct 13, 2006 2:59 pm

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Date Posted: Oct 5, 06 - 9:17 AM
Message: I have been map dowsing and oil and gas well dowsing for a couple of years now and have had some surprizing successes after some grueling learning periods. Recently I came across a problem in a well and found that the words I was using had a profound effect on my answers ... eg " Is there a hole in the piping?" Yes, "Is there communication between the piping?" NO. Today I found out that truely there is NOT communication between pipe zones ... I actually want to stay on the line that the words you use ... your vocabulary is a factor in dowsing. OK, this is seemingly simple I know but I could feel a difference between using the different words. Somebody help me out here! Gilbert in Louisiana

Date Posted: Oct 5, 06 - 9:24 AM
Message: Gilbert,

The shorter the better on words, nouns alone, or short sentences like, last night for me doing pleasure questioning for a break. Example: I dont usually ask in question form its more like a request. My statement was, find me the most scenic location by state I would enjoy seeing.

The associated tools we use dont have to be complex either, take this for example: I cut out a cereal box mini atlas offer picture Ad as my surrogate united states, a empty pen to sweep the map (so its reusable and doesnt get all marked up, another option is lamination.) and I got VA, then used mapquest and ended up in Galax, Va boy that hit the spot like ice cream and apple pie, it was very scenic.

Any hits after the original hard hit will relate, but aren't the quality hits usually for me, and saying to much just disperses and diffuses the solid connection being long winded and wordy. For a stronger intent you need key words and brief statements, then possibly subgroup nouns or adjectives that fit YOUR mind's make up that come with easy understanding that click for YOU. You'll weed other things out as you keep practicing and progress, that's just part of learning.
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Dowsing and the Wording of Questions
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