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 Combating Muscular Dystrophy thru Supplements & Diet

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PostSubject: Combating Muscular Dystrophy thru Supplements & Diet   Thu Dec 28, 2006 2:35 pm

Considering benefical Supplements & Diet living with Muscular Dystrophe

In the early 90's the medical science had therapy's for Dystrophin lacking MD type conditions, tested and proven in the lab, called Utrophin, and then even a 2nd called Heregulin, and still no human has yet recieved either therapy 15 years later, and at this time studies are just starting to be done on DMD patients using Gentamicin in Europe, it is expected to cure a very low percentage.

For those living today that can't afford to wait on solutions including FDA approval, Natural remedies can serve as helpful sustaining elements during the interim. Doing this you must use correct substances & amounts, if your an experienced Dowser you should be able to put yourself in the ball park. If not follow the suggested daily amount's on the label. Here are some suggestion's...

You need Sarcoglycan's, these are found in the male flower pollen, bee's carry pollen to the hive its remnants are found in BEE POLLEN / PROPOLIS. Person's with plant allergys should use caution.
You need to curb the PRIMARY destructive mechanism causing the casacading failure cycling through the muscular cells using IGF-1. In nature the highest amounts of IGF-1 are found in the deer antler itself underlying the velvet. It is harvested during the peak of new velvet growth.
You need to clear your body of free radicals COQ-10 is 50 times more powerful than Vitamin C. A dosage of 200mg 2 times a day being more beneficial. Take your highest dose before bed, so it is absorbed during your bodys recuperative resting cycle, just like you would vitamin C.
You need to normalize your depleted intake of the Mineral SELENIUM thru a standard supplement, plus a VITAMIN B-50 complex; any imbalance +/- of B vitamins in MD increases the vulnerability to nerve problems, Vit E for proper nerve conduction and relieving cramping pains, 0MEGA 3 which effects smooth muscle function, inflammatory processes, constriction and dilatation of blood vessels.
You can promote slightly higher metabolism for full effect of everything listed to be absorbed to the fullest capacity by your body thru use of GREEN TEA EXTRACT (in the morning and evening) it is 20 times more powerful than Vit E at scavanging free radicals as a bonus, and supports effects similar to those found in IGF-1, by slowing cascading cell failure.
CREATINE powder mixed in a few ounces of water can be helpful in a low 5- 20 mg dose depending on your weight, before your most active chores of the day.

* TURMERIC EXTRACT as a 2nd alternative to IGF-1 raises metabolism, increases circulation and relieves tension in the joints, popularly used for RA type conditions.

Caution:The Institute of Medicine establishes the maximum tolerable level of B-6 for adults with neuropathic conditions at 100 mg per day higher amounts have been reported to contribute to lack of sensation and adverse effects. Over 500 mg a day can cause irreversible nerve damage.

You need to reduce your cholesterol levels in some cases, this is done thru Statins in the drug market, thru natural remedy by RED RICE YEAST, or a change in diet.

Ginger has warming effects on torso muscles, reduces inflammation, and lowers blood pressure, making the general use of Ginger helpful. Caffeine and gas relieving antacids aren't great but they interfere with calcium absorbtion, as do laxatives.

Foods high in oxalic acid such as spinach, swiss chard, beet greens, rhubarb, and brewer's yeast interfere with your ability to absorb calcium also. Plants high in oxalic acid such as rhubarb (Rheum officinale) may increase the formation of kidney stones, thru the rapid expulsion of calcium over time.

Diet HIGH PROTEIN, There are the animal proteins and vegetable proteins. Vegetarians need to eat more quantities of lentils, legumes, beans, to supply the extra protein requirements. All meats have plenty of protein within the muscle tissue, but for you Chicken and turkey without the skin are preferred, they also reduce calcium absorbtion. Fish is an excellent protein. Salmon contains over 20% of essential fatty acids.** Data also suggest that in experiments dogs fed a diet containing a far higher total percentage of chicken breast protein (white meat's) had a greater potential to regulate calpain-mediated degradation of muscle protein.**

You should be drinking half your weight in ounces of fluid each day. Most persons with MD do not drink enough fluilds.

Don't sit inside, try to get out in the morning sun everyday listen to the birds, take the time to enjoy the little things overlooked by everyone else. It will bring you traquility in adversity, while you receive Vitamin D from the suns warming rays. In colder climates sit by a sunny window.

In Research

One binding agent used the lab is AUXIN, in nature only the PEA family hold's, it's base compound Acetic acid, it is found in the flowers or young pea pod seed and the highest concentration of the growth factor comes at 7-8 days after the pea developes. Acetic acid is also the chemical compound responsible for the characteristic odor and sour taste of vinegar. Typically, VINEGAR is about 4 to 8% acetic acid. As the defining ingredient of vinegar, acetic acid has been produced and used by humans since before the dawn of recorded history. In fact, its name comes from the Latin for vinegar, acetum. Apple Cider Vinegar is readily available as are young peas. In the lab the combination of Auxin, and Utrophin in fact corrected the zero level's of dystrophin, found in DMD in mice. Unless you also have a problems with type 2 diabetes, vinegar is not for most. Eat peas often and corn, use a vinegarette dressing for your salads.
HEREGULIN is a peptide that re-activates the development of natural dystrophin 3x fold, improving muscle and response tested in the European labs in animal studies also, this in the future may be a therapy.

There is a weak RNA strand strengthener also it's called ZEATIN. It is found in all plants, and particularly in coconut milk, but not in the extremely high concentrations we need, in nature it must be extracted and isolated then brought to it's purest form as Zeatin. It is currently used as the secret ingredient in patented wrinkle creams, as are Pea extracts and coconut in others. Skin cream with Zeatin turns back the clock on an aging face and wrinkles go away.
Zeatin tested in spinal muscular atrophe or SMA strengthened the weak RNA strand causing the disease, and reversed it. In the lab .01 to 500ml solution, using a specail delivery technique, did in fact generate new Atrophy resistant RNA strands and micro cells, reversing the effects of SMA neuromuscular degeneration.
Spraying a solution of .01 / 500ml zeatin on any green leaf of a tree in the fall would extend it's life to be the last remaining leaf. In times of heat stress spraying zeatin on a plant it would be the least effected of the crop.

Coconut milks main ingredient is LAURIC ACID, it is also a main ingredient in a mothers milk. In pill form it's called lauricidin as a dietary supplement has shown extraordinary and exciting results as an antibiotic and an anti viral agent. The pill is considered a form of chelation therapy by some, it is used for .......Inflammation, autoimmune conditions of the nervous system, eczema, high blood pressure, hyperactivity, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, mood swings, flu's, infections, peptic ulcers, benign prostrate enlargements in men, genital herpes, hepatities C, and Chrons. Supplementing coconut oil reduces the need for vitamins. It does not contain cholesterol, does not increase blood cholesterol level, does not promote platelet stickiness, thereby reducing the incidence of intra arterial blood clots. Further, coconut oil does not contribute to atherosclerosis (thickening of arteries), or heart disease, studies have shown that it helps control diabetes, supports immune system function, helps osteoporosis (softening of bones in old age). Most importantly Lauricidin insulates the RNA and DNA structure of cell's against destructive signal transduction and toxic formations. The other possibility to consider after intermittent bi-weekly LAURICIDIN use is simply cooking with coconut oil, or alternately olive oil for it's benefits.

Additionally, Immunoblots detected autoantibodies to calpastatin in 57% of RA patients; this incidence was significantly higher than that observed in other systemic rheumatic diseases, including systemic lupus erythematosus (27%), polymyositis/dermatomyositis (24%), systemic sclerosis (38%), and overlap syndrome (29%).

Stay Informed: http://www.innovationwatch.com/trendwatch/science/index.html?page=all

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Combating Muscular Dystrophy thru Supplements & Diet
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