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 The Savant ~ Isles of Genius

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PostSubject: The Savant ~ Isles of Genius   Fri Oct 13, 2006 2:14 pm

It is my belief that we all have "Rain Man" like abilities that are sleeping within each of us, waiting to be awakened, and we can experience quantum states of mind, and on our quest we should leave no stone unturned. So lets compare and learn how we should seek to practice these states, by reflecting on and learning the principles, personality and characteristics of a savant's mind.

The Savant:: A person affected with a mental disability (as in autism) who exhibits exceptional skill or brilliance in some field such as mathematics, art, languages or music.

The ''Danish-made trans-cranial magnetic stimulator'' can change a persons intelligence in minutes through electro magnetic stimulation when worn in experiments. This machine is the Medtronic Mag Pro.The Medtronic was originally developed for brain surgery to stimulate or slow down specific areas of the brain, it allowed doctors to monitor the effects of surgery. But it also produced a side effect. Unexpected in the patients mental functioning, one minute a person would lose the ability to speak, another minute they would speak easily. Experimenting, what intrigued this Dr.Snyder while using the device was that people undergoing magnetic stimulation, could within minutes of testing exhibit savant intelligence until the magnetically inducing headgear was removed, forming a instant process into genius like mental ability.

So he used the Medtronic dozens of times on university students, measuring its effect on their ability to draw, to proofread and to perform difficult mathematical functions like identifying prime numbers by sight. Hooked up to the machine, 40 percent of test subjects exhibited extraordinary, and nearly instantaneous new found, mental skills, and Snyder was able to induce these remarkable feats in a controlled, repeatable experiment it's more than just a great trick; it's a breakthrough that may lead to a revolution in the way we understand the limits of our own intelligence !

Savants tend to be rigid, mechanical and emotionally dissociated, obsessed with the desire for the preservation of sameness.

Here we will enter the comparative parameters required to Pensweep, Remote View, Dowse or perform any basic quantum function. There must be focused thought, ( let's call it a mini obsession ) then emotional disassociation for best results, a mechanical action; as if done by a machine seemingly uninfluenced by the mind or emotions. Then a spontaneous nervous reflex response having required a prior singular intent or, lets stretch this again to a temporary dissociating mini obsession. The desire to reach a particular state of mind and brainwave while preserving that thought and dwelling within the moment, blocking out everything but that targeted task. Firmly set in that task, or rigidly. Also among savants exsists the ability to draw instantly artistically at a very advanced level, and "Don't we also use a pen or pencil ?" All are clues to the means, on how to connect like a savant and reach a higher quantum plateau. Hmm, that's interesting stuff the instructions to obtain a good result for remote viewing or dowsing parallel the personality and characteristic's of a savant !!

The savant might go to a place 10 times, but each time if the shadows are in slightly different position, the difference overwhelms their sense of place.

So to the lack of being in the moment preserving that sameness, as if being in the wrong state of mind for us who remote view or dowse also, scrambles any sense of where you are, and what your looking at, by the same token no incoming information is going to be familiar, when disassociating subconscious thought shadows and interrupts our senses in a session ! Wow,another parallel !

''They can't grasp a general concept to changes appearance even slightly, or they have to start all over again.''

As we would also with broken concentration that knocks us out of being in the moment ! Yet another parallel !

The article goes on saying,"Despite these limitations," a small fraction of the autistic, known as savants, can perform super specialized mental feats.

News flash these limitations make it all possible ! Savants live in a type of isolated quantum state 24/7 365 days a year. Not practicing like us as a hobby, but living it out of necessity as a means to absorb thought and communicate. If we were to learn there tell's, by watching there characteristic behaviors like a poker player does his opponents we would better understand where we need to be mentally to tap into quantum states on a deeper level becoming better at Pensweep, Dowsing and Remote Viewing !

By shutting down certain mental functions, the left hemisphere of your brain the capacity to think conceptually, categorically, contextually it no longer can interfere. How do you tie it's hands after years of running the show ? Give it a mundane task to do while your seeking the Quantum State thru white noise or using doodling thru pen sweeping as part of the process, as you will in Pensweep. How did this autistic impairment allow other mental functions to flourish? By blocking out the slower over processing of left brained action interfering tangling up the right brains superior ability to make the quantum connection. Our only advantage here being "average" is our left brain analytical thought afterward, compensating to build further solutions conceptually and contextually.

In there observation a infant savants mind can tap into macro levels of detail within an object, overlooked by introspection of normal individuals traveling the social superhighway of life. But these children, they wrote, seem to be aware of information in some raw or interim state prior to it being formed into a "ultimate picture with confining parameters.''' Most astonishing, they go on to say that, ''the mental machinery for performing lightning fast Quantified calculations could be within us all.''

" Yes,Why not !" Our nervous system is lightning fast, so why not use your nervous systems reflexes ! Hey, that sounds a lot like it parallels Pensweep, Dowsing and Remote Viewing too ! What we do in "normal living" is counter intuitive to being a savant. I believe that all these genius skills are easy, within reach and primordial in nature. So make a mental intent and allow your nervous system to work for you, your left brain cant fly your right brain, they each have an individual uses. The right brain has been recessed through the ages, intentionally stunted and buried by more popular cultural, regional and social standards.

In one case of savant behavior by Nadia who appeared healthy at birth, but by the time she was 2, her parents knew something was amiss. She avoided eye contact and didn't respond when her mother smiled or cooed. She didn't even seem to recognize her mother. At 6 months she still had not spoken a word. She was unusually clumsy and spent hours in repetitive play, such as tearing paper into strips. But at 31/2, she picked up a pen and began to draw not scribble, DRAW. (See figure above left) Without any training, she created from her Pictorial memory bank sketches of galloping horses that only a trained adult could equal. Unlike the way most people might draw a horse, beginning with its outline, Nadia started with random details. First a hoof, then the horse's mane, then its harness. Only later did she lay down firm lines connecting these floating features. And when she did connect them, they were always in the correct position relative to one another.

Yet another parallel here Pensweep and Remote Viewing similarly process distant pictorial images as Nadia starts with one individual detail drawn in, and building upon it compiling the data into a complete scene. This should be taken as another key !

Also cited the case of Orlando Serrell, a 10-year-old who was hit on the head and immediately began doing calendar calculations of baffling complexity. ''Now isn't that strange? Everything must be in the mind waiting for us to tap into it'' a boy bumps the side of his head and Bingo ! '' So buried deep in all our brains are phenomenal abilities, which we lose for some reason as we develop into 'normal' people. But what if we could reawaken them, is there a way ?

" Yes ! " Pensweep is one of many modalities that can open the doorway to that awareness, a means to begin your own exploration and discover the little "Rain Man" that sleeps within You !!

In writing this material partial excerpts were taken from:
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and The Inner Savant - - science news articles online technology magazine articles

Additional New Article on TMS: http://www.newscientist.com/channel/health/mg19426053.300?DCMP=NLC-nletter&nsref=FreeEnergyNews.com

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The Savant ~ Isles of Genius
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