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 Empowering Self

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PostSubject: Empowering Self   Fri Oct 13, 2006 2:04 pm

I often am questioned directly or overhear as you will at some point, the mention of needing guides or ritualistic practices to obtain unknown information from the pagan social arena, and from the fundamentalist's arena denouncement of any mental process existing outside their train of thought, saying that " These things should be thrown to the lions, burned or abandoned.." So I would like to take this opportunity to address those mentalities and kill 2 birds with one stone. Let's reflect on these concept's considering the humble savant which can not dress themselves, need assistance to get through each day and has no need to fill his or her ego, they revolve around a purely quantified mental process to gather their genius, No association to any religious door or cult making them neither a prophet or pagan. No link to witchcraft, magic or ritualization of any social setting required in obtaining these facts they just do it ! You can't label there genius as either !

That takes all the zealous witch hunters and can's there stand that the quantified process within Pensweep or any related field that's scientifically tested and repeatable with verifiable feedback is of a dark nature. Also sweeping away any credibility to special supposed occult powers to accomplish these feats, no need for ego, cloaks, Harry Potter magic, or group ritual to glean this knowledge lye's within the savant. Knocking both sides position right out of the ball park !!!! There is but One Source for quantified thought and depending on how that was treated gave the world these Divisions. That One and Only Source is pure, society on the other hand has twisted and dreamt up many sources that aren't so pure requiring you to empower another man or woman, and accept fruitless table scraps. There's no need to choose any door or home spun theology on either side of that coin. As there truly is no need for 1-900 psychic lines or psychics, likewise if the original spiritual state of making a prayerful request had not been presented watered down and lost over the ages, it would be told there's no need for groveling, emotional whining, charismatic hype or theatrics for the miraculous. We All need to remain in the correct state of mind to evolve as individuals for results, and not relinquish self to rely on society or empower others.

To answer the question then as to where this sense comes or originates ? A singular super conscious universal link seems the best "generic" answer. But being bold enough to believe we are created in the image of God image = likeness, Whom exist's in a non physical spiritual plane. I prefer to think this metaphysical ability extends into becoming a shadowy likeness, and a open connection to information within God's realm of awareness, endowed upon us eons ago as a comforter for answers, as part of being created in His image. A privilege, honor and gift many don't use or see in the correct light and may mislabel, disregarding it due to some unappreciative souls accrediting this unique awareness to home spun sources spooking the timid. When those are just over motivated egos trying to pocket, redirect and funnel the credit unto themselves for various reasons.
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Empowering Self
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