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 The Answer to High Cholesterol, Red Rice Yeast

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PostSubject: The Answer to High Cholesterol, Red Rice Yeast   Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:11 pm

A product named Cholestin is being promoted as a natural dietary supplement that helps adults with moderately high cholesterol levels. Cholestin also is referred to as red rice yeast because it is produced by fermenting a strain of red rice using yeast. Literature from Pharmanex, the company that sells Cholestin, states that eight controlled studies in China demonstrate the safety and functionality of their product. Past experience has shown that studies in China often are not carried out as carefully as those in this country, and no publications from these studies are available to answer critical questions. For example, what is meant by demonstrating the functionality of the product Just how much does it lower the cholesterol. In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study reported in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," 83 men and women were given either red rice yeast or a placebo for 12 weeks. Levels of total and LDL (bad) cholesterol fell significantly in the treated group compared with the group given a placebo.

Cholestin is said to contain a substance that is similar or identical to lovastatin (Mevacor), one of the several available statin drugs that lower cholesterol effectively and safely by reducing cholesterol formation.


When I started taking Niaspan February 2002 my cholesterol was 244. I first started with 1000 mg and then 2000 mg for 2 yrs but my cholesterol was still around 211. March 2005 started Vytorin until severe calf pains. I went from 228 to 157 by May 23rd. I started with one cap of Red Yeast Rice 600 mg on June 2, 2005 and on July 14 my cholesterol is 190. I have increased this to 1200 mg to see if it can come down lower. I also take Policosanol Plus 40 mg , Mega Soy Lecithin, 3-6-9 Omega, CoQ10 and Zetia 10 mg. All under doctors supervision and labs done when needed. My blood pressure is within normal range and so is my lipid panel. My homocysteine and CPK are all good. Because I track my lab reports I know that because I have added the lecithin and Policosanol Plus these have helped bring all the numbers along with the Red Yeast Rice. I now increased the lecithin to 2 caps of 1325mg each. Lecithin breaks down large cholesterol molecules into tiny ones. Lecithin lowers LDL and returns HDL to normal. It looks like the Red Yeast Rice is working. I buy all of the above except the zetia though a mail order vitamin company with a good reputation.

On July 4th my cholesterol number was 251, my physician wanted me to start on a statin immediately since Im 57yrs and menapausal my doctor felt that I was a perfect candidate for a heart attack. I fear drugs so I made a deal w/him to allow me to take Cholestin under his supervision. I began Cholestin on July 14 and on July 29, I had a blood test & my cholesterol is at 180 in just 15days. I take 2 600mg capsules once a day and Im feeling great. My physician is still not convinced but the numbers dont lie!!!

Cholestin must work differently in various people. Interestingly, both another family and I received news about the same time that our cholesterol levels were higher than what we would want. Mine was 279 and hers was 328. We started taking red yeast rice for 60-90 days at 1200mg twice a day under doctor supervision. We both had our cholesterol repeated this week. Mine dropped to 127 and hers dropped to 168. I made diet changes; my family member did not; however she was also on very low dose Lipitor as well. I am feeling real good about this supplement right now and so is my doctor.
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The Answer to High Cholesterol, Red Rice Yeast
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