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 Spirit energy?

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PostSubject: Spirit energy?   Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:39 pm

Here are photos of my happiest moment in our haunted house (graduation party 5-30-77). (Instamatic camera that printed out pics in 30 seconds)

I see/sense a shadow of a man behind me/the glass. (Also the faces of 2 women, but I don't see them in this scan.)
Does anyone else see anything besides the electrical effects being drawn toward me from the cabinets behind? I've never seen similar lightning effects from metal toward a person, and think these are either one incredible lens flare, or an indication of paranormal energy around me.

A scientist at Boston's Museum of Science (in the Tesla exhibit) explained the lightning effects could be caused by interaction of high human emotion (me and those around me) with weather conditions (it had lightly rained 1 hr earlier, but was now clear), earth energies (lots of quartz in soil) and other forms of energy in the vicinity (radio, etc.) She believed science could explain away all paranormal phenomenon at some point in the near future, but that much information available that could explain the interaction of known energies is not common knowledge to the general public.

Note: There is a lot of cigarette smoke in the pics, which only helps highlight the LACK of cigarette smoke in the areas of suspicious shadow.
These pics are not retouched in any way.


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Spirit energy?
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