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 Some of my own Experiences and Effects

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PostSubject: Some of my own Experiences and Effects   Fri Oct 13, 2006 1:56 pm

During practices you will all have different experiences and learn from the result, sometimes being effected by them directly and others indirectly through experimentation using different modalities. I will share a few of mine that came through different methods and ways of contact here. So there may be a less surprises for you on your journey.

Effects from remote viewing are puzzle pieces or scrambled pictorial images at times. How to avoid this; use the mind set of going to the place, not that your trying to identify the target number from a picture ! Intent; go to the real location during that timeline. Using remote viewing no side effects, it's almost like asking a person 3 times removed from the event for an accounting, too watered down from the real mc coy. Thinking of your target in a real context for intent before you begin for higher percentage of accurate info. This is precisely why only live targets are used to prove remote viewing works on television. Our minds are wired for reality not watered down surrogate pictures naturally they can be perceived, but are much more difficult.

Effects seen from body scanning a bi polar personality; Reversed fields between left and right, a backward read is seen during feedback gathering segment.

Effects seen from attachment of a relatives illness embodied in person being body scanned with close ties, physical and emotional overlay... Habitual concern attaches in spirit manifesting in a surrogate physical body (the friend or relative). These happenings are seen and read during my feedback also. They are phantoms as far as I've noted, possibly by the targets subconscious intent to obtain that info, or hidden empathic ability and sincere desire to remove their relatives pain, unaware of the power of intent or how to use it. As to the actual value of positive or negative incomplete intent in limbo is, or what good or harm it may do long term, I have no conclusions to offer.

Effects seen from sending distant healing to a person in need are very positive, as far as I have experienced, seeing a natural acceleration to restored health from minor to major illness. A lasting result in minutes to everyday minor pain relief. That same intervention lasting up to 8 - 12 hours on long term chronic cases, like a temporary patch, with ongoing pain from the effects of surgical procedures usually. I suggest those individuals take part in their own healing process by reading and testing different modalities finding one they can apply daily to them self, that suites their long term needs and empower themselve's.

Effects seen from empathic linking, or for medical intervention; be prepared to mimic and feel the residual essence of those you link too during and shortly after any session by way of having absorbed their emotional overlay and personality until it clears your nervous system through nervous shakes, lingering dullness, twitching, mimicking, organized movement, pangs, blinks, anxiety, mood, tears, bodily quirks and mannerisms. There medication can effect your mood afterward also. It is best you clear the link through meditative means soon after any intervention. If that sounds like a level of awareness you cant mentally cope with routinely DON'T TRY IT !

Using a surrogate sensor through a sketch Pen sweeping is very safe as with dowsing, the effect comes through gathered notation's and feedback afterward, theirs no risk to your nervous system or side effects, because your not in direct contact using the surrogate image.

Using your own body as the sensor empathically your nervous system is in direct contact and risk of side effects are invited during session and sometimes will linger. Aggressive personalities and persons with sharp physical or spiritual trauma, nervous problems or anxiety will effect you the most.

Finding Homeopathic Remedies: If you are into looking up your own homeopathic remedy to match up to your health issues, use a book like Materia Medica, there's a huge version in book form, or for a quick reference guide use the on-line version. (see the link below) Here is how you narrow to the correct answer quickly divide A-Z in half, say its then A-M, divide in half again continuing to reduce until say 3 to 5 are left then use the multiple choice method heavy response is always your intent for the correct answer. Then into the herbs under that letter reduce the same way narrow those down one at a time, noting and writing the info down, then get their known feedback about the condition in question, it should match. Practice to obtain feedback and hone your skill, do not play doctor these are old time remedy's it's very educational and useful for minor issues, but we have more modern medicines now that are more effective so convert your info in that direction to those you deal with as a suggestion to ask their Doctor about on serious health issues.


and...... http://www.viable-herbal.com/singles/herbs/s375.htm
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Some of my own Experiences and Effects
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