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 Psychic Phonetic's ~ Hidden Key's to Verbalization

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PostSubject: Psychic Phonetic's ~ Hidden Key's to Verbalization   Fri Nov 10, 2006 1:37 pm

" The Alchemy of Discourse " forged a new understanding of the inter-relation between image, sound and psyche and worked to revitalize interest in language and its role in psychic development. Since its original publication, three additional books on language have been published by Jungian analysts: Words as Eggs (Russell Lockhart, 1983), Metaphor & Meaning in Psychotherapy (Ellen Y. Siegelman, 1990) and Sounding the Soul: The Art of Listening (Mary Lynn Kittelson, 1996).

The book is constructed around six inter-related themes: (1) the function of psychic images in the onset of subjectivity, (2) the creation of a divided subject (representational ego / experiential self), (3) the primacy of image and sound in the unconscious, (4) the function of language in the formation of dreams, symptoms and psychic life, (5) the dynamics between phonetics and imagination, and finally, (6) the role language plays in the process of interpretation.

The role of psychic images in the development of an ego / self structure capable of self-reflection and language acquisition. Drawing on, but differing in significant ways from the mirror stage, He then explores the emergence of the dynamic between sound and image, phonetics and the imagination. Jung’s early experiments in word association confirmed the existence in the personality of unconscious complexes, unknown psychic factors lying outside of consciousness, exerting a significant influence on the formation of dreams, symptoms and linguistic associations. In addition to the existence of “autonomous groups of associations,” the experiments also revealed that the more unconscious a person becomes the greater the tendency to shift the mode of association from semantic to phonetic consideration.

These filter into your psychic awareness as Archetypes; As secondary sounds and, or wordings relating to the original Word, of which all these things of the same type phonetics are representations or copies, present in extended non local consciousness of the right brain thru parallel reformulation's based on basic primorial psychicly enhanced word structures. Where the change in the material substance of a word piece does not affect the meaning, but the pyschicly correct phonetic piece plays a role in the true sound relationship is related structurally to the other pieces of the impression and part of how you determine its overall meaning.

Thru psychic intent these words bud, when your right brain goes into its own mini obsession trying to resolve the task thru the closest associated phonetic correct strands within similar sounding verbalizations. Thru the phonic resonance of these words stored in our memories word bank thru the once removed phonetic word most closely related or associated.

The psychic psyche based on the imaginary, the symbolic and pure reality.
The real refers to the object as it exist's.
While the imaginary designates the object’s imagined existence or form.
The symbolic, performs a purely structural function, similar to grammar in language thru archetypes for most of us, while represented by pure reality to the very gifted..
Where Freud defines psychic imagery as mental representation of intuition.
Lacan conceives psychic images as unconscious representations of the reality. The representation however, does not accurately reflect the object as such, and therefore produces ‘misunderstanding's.’ The imaged intuitions failure to adequately represent itself and object correctly results in basic disjointed association, or only part of the image intended. The imaginary from this perspective is further taught an mentioned in the book,
" Mind to Mind " by, Rene Warcollier.

Jung took another approach to psychic imagery saying intuition is viewed to him as performing a synthetic function..
Kant revolutionized modern philosophy by demonstrating that pure reason can not arrive at knowledge of the psychic experience except through establishing non local imagery outside of ( normal ) time and space.
Jung extends this theory by positing imagining as a prerequisite to All psychic knowledge. All normal mental experience is subject to the finitude of human imagining, where psychic intuition is not.
Jung defines visualized imagery as the primordial root to our sense of any reality, not as copies or re-presentation. Saying “The psyche creates reality everyday. The only expression I can use for this activity is it's first a creative activity” were Inner and outer worlds come together in psychic imagery thru intuition, giving a person a living connection to both worlds. The realm of psychic images produced by intent and intuition constituted by reproductive imaging.

Chapter Five is “The Phonetic Imagination,” it builds on the earlier studies by Jung, Freud, Lacan, demonstrating that unconscious fantasies and parallel imagery exist in language embedded in clusters of phonetically related words. There are distinct attributes in the Greek language that observe how all connected to similar phonetic patterns. A comparative analysis of Latin, German and French reveals that similar clusters of phonetic meanings connected through phonetic parity reappear as well in these languages, often attached to etymologically distinct phonemes and parallelism's.


*** Currently experimenting and working on a practical technique for gleaning psychic phonetic's underway at the posting of this article, to be posted after my conclusive method and feedback for credible repeatability, after I discover a solid technique. I will simplify.

Excerpt's compiled and simplfied from these Articles:



Unconscious associations tend to be influenced by similarities in image and sound, thru the interconnection between the semantic aspects and the phonetically associated words . Linguistics have traditionally attempted to understand this phenomenon through causal explanations, for example, blending of two words.

We instead want to develop a phenomena based both psychic and logical concept thru sound patterns and understand the relation between the different sound value meanings associated in language through a repeating parity thru similar phonetic values. Then grapple with the missing linguistic remainder most associated with the aspect of that phonetic pattern, thru our own logical word bank of similar words. There always will be one central idea reflected in all phonetics, and each meaning. If there are five different meanings . . . they all still would mirror phonetically in five varieties to the one common sound base or center which is through the word / sound association .

Basic phonetic sampling on Link below:

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Psychic Phonetic's ~ Hidden Key's to Verbalization
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