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 1947 UFO Debris Mystery Stones

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PostSubject: 1947 UFO Debris Mystery Stones   Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:03 pm

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From: radionica
To: digital-dowsers@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 12:22 PM
Subject: Re: [ISD] 1947 UFO CSD / healing energy stones / pictures

I dowsed the white light of these stones and the positive qualities and their power, and the results showed very low readings.
Did anybody dowse the same?
Best regards

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From: geodowser
To: digital-dowsers@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 9:45 AM
Subject: [ISD] 1947 UFO CSD / healing energy stones / pictures

Hi Folks ,

Some people have been asking about pictures of the stones....
I bought a small inexpensive digital camera for the task but
alas after hrs of struggle figuring which buttons to click in which
peticular sequence grrr i could not get the resolution needed to
see them clearly so..... I know better but must manifest real camera some day.

use this link for representative pics ...
we have no association with this site nor do they have this material.
It just happens to be convenient . It was requested by the *owner*
of this materials [ Wizard /shaman David] that this material get out
to healers so it was taken out and off of the "ufo" [ science] market
which it was never intended for .


Kirti the difference in our materials , as you explained both rare and *energetic*
is this material is ufo that melted on impact ... possible amalgamation of
other materials due to intense heat present . It has unusual inherent qualities.

My Response E- mailed to DD Today


Testing the energy of the stones myself today, only the stones of colors green yellow and purple held a lightened field of positive energy and relief psychometrically. The feel good useful properties came by color not the make up of the material when dowsed. The others were below neutral and held weakening negative energy. Held or worn long term none are toxic to the average person, just some are negative. These type stones were revered by ancients over 4000 years ago when dowsed. Compared to laying on of hands without any stone, then with stone in hand no improvement noted when dowsed. By personal belief to some of us using these stones thru intent there would be no therapeutic effect, to others believing in the intended effect as much as 38 % improvement, with no effect to serious conditions. Even though the person telling the story makes it totally sound like they were found on Clark Kent's farm, and all part of a comic strip, that's just part of the sales pitch. The owner isn't trying to deceive anyone some are space rock, valued and collectable on that fact alone, and sold as energy stones you'll get just what you were paying for either positive or negative. Who's to say some living aren't benefited by negative energy, cats seem to thrive in it, and color therapy works on humans at certain levels of the psyche also. The person selling the stones only factually knows they came from a box. So once again it's all about your own Intent, unless your a rock collector then some of these UFM meteoric pieces are treasures.

If I was living in the dinosaur age as a Neanderthal man and wore a 32 million year in the future molten shuttle heat shield fragment from some time travel experiment gone wrong around my neck, I had found using it as a healing charm, and you today had a window to look back watch this unfold what would you be thinking to your self's ??? We all know any miraculous event would be accomplished thru loving willful intent and action and a higher power doing any healing not the charm itself from history. This is why we today need some solid repeatable feedback about what we are presenting, and that it works in advance to stay credible, especially when we are selling it as healing. Of course there always are skeptics, and when you have seen proof it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, but if you don't and people can sense the bigger picture you may look like our friend above.

Being proactive about this, I have set the yellow rock up as a screen saver as another test, to see if anything incredible happens intentionally viewing it for the next week for anything out of the norm, why don't some of you color therapists do the same, I personally would love to see good results if possible..

*** Remember when considering percentages How the question was asked, on the rock it was; How much above standard crystals used would this rock improve the outcome when used for health related issues. 38 % means 38 % here, but only for certain users, not earth shattering news.

*** Had the question been presented like; Will this rock heal my ill's, and I got 50/50 or 50% percent on my graph / scale the answer is still NO... A question presented in that format to be sound needs to be nearing 70% to be a solid YES.

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1947 UFO Debris Mystery Stones
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