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 Remote Viewing

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PostSubject: Remote Viewing   Thu Oct 12, 2006 6:19 pm

All you'll ever need to know, or could possibly absorb is to be found at P.J Gaenir's Remote Viewing Site. The left upper column list 3 styles for learning how to remote view, combining this with other methods can lead you to a deadly accurate system.

My personal suggestion for beginners is learn how to Remote View thru a partners viewing perspective, bi-locating thru his or her eyes (using tranquil but focused willful intention) for an overall quantified picture with 3-5 second high speed bursts, sketching from a right brained quantified nervous reflex to start with to absorb a larger overall distant picture of your partners immediate surroundings. Rather than tiny increments and pictures that hold a much smaller residual, because they also hold the overlay of all the viewers prior to you that worked the targeted image given !!! They do not hold the same jump start effect in your minds eye for a beginner as the mind to mind, one on one practicing.

Please check it out this is the best site on-line otherwise so check it out, experiment and have fun !!!!!!


Other very interesting related links can be found here.....


No need for any rewrites on this subject P.J. is the Leading source .....
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Remote Viewing
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