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 Weather Elements

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PostSubject: Weather Elements   Sat Oct 28, 2006 7:56 pm

Practice the natural weather elements (WE) target's, as simple images to draw requiring only 2 to 3 basic visual elements. All sketching should be done only after youve gleaned the detail's about temperature, time of event, night or day, wind speed, wet or dry, season, and any lifeform action, noise, or smells.

Your primary goal here is attention to psychic detail dowsing by graph pen sweeping, gathering a collective scenario but no final conclusion just gather the data. Then secondarily try your hand at ES thru closed eye visuals, sounds, smells and feel. Lastly draw your boxed basic QV 2 - 3 element sketches in rapid but fluid, sustained 5 - 20 second bursts of nerve reflex in motion. Only afterward aquire your feedback by opening the target.

Like a complex receipe with many ingredients, you cant do these targets like making toast in 2 minutes as a beginner, this is how many details are left out. Take your time include every ingredient, double check youve got them all. Your next goal is to obtain 2 matching sketches, by drawing out 2 quick Quantum Images the same, then your assured of there correctness. Consider each target a 25 - 30 minute exercise to cook up and have it come out done correct to the best of your current ability.
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Weather Elements
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