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 Dowsing / Empathic Color Training Techniques

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PostSubject: Dowsing / Empathic Color Training Techniques   Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:54 pm

There is the known practice of taking a deck of cards, face down taking them one by one, each in your hand and predicting black or red, by various methods.
One being intending to sense more heat to the black color by touch,and less by the red color.
The second being to intend lack of feeling to one color say black while red would make your fingertips tingle.
The third simply your free hand only twitching for the red cards, no response to black.
When attempting to do any of these give your senses time to clear between each new card, with no distraction to test your percentage of accuracy, and see how much you might improve from time to time.
The fourth and most difficult method being mental imagery of the correct colors.
The fifth and my choice this week to try was my hybrid method Pensweep sensing.
I had a partner select and use 4 differently colored beads in various combinations and singularly in my last test remotely, 1750 miles away writing down the color choices, then pensweeping for the hard hits singularly to be excluded, then in combination problems as required to answer each round I missed one due to sensation lag going ahead to the next problem to fast, and another by pure error still having near 90 percent correct considering the more complex nature it was a good outcome.
The sixth being sensing 16 colored cards or crayons remotely by any of the methods listed above. Lowe's has paint color cards select a few that suite your task, they are free at most paint stores.
Try any of these examples to test your psychic ability. I think you will find getting real feedback very inspiring, and these type fun practices serve to as motivational tools, that you can enjoy by yourself or with a partner.

If you know other methods of psychic practices please do share them, and post your own results. sunny
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Dowsing / Empathic Color Training Techniques
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