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 Dowsing: Pensweeping The Skin, Self Test Answers

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PostSubject: Dowsing: Pensweeping The Skin, Self Test Answers   Wed Oct 11, 2006 3:22 pm

Self Test Answer's

1. Lisa S. / Scar position located under right foot in line with pinkie toe inner side, 1 and 3/16 inch down from base of toe running vertical to foot 9/16 of an inch long. Cause wood splinter. Accidental / Medical Surgery afterward.
2. Duane W. / left head center to high temple. Gunshot. Self Inflicted
3. Jane O. / Scan only the left leg locate swelling edema see ( FIGURE 5 ) for the outline of the effected area. On going medical condition.
4. Andrew C. / Chemical burn right side of mid stomach, then grafted see graft outline, grafted skin material harvested from right mid quadricep. Accidental / Medical repair
Part 2: Inner center left knee cap star shaped tiny crossing scar from orthoscopic surgery. Medical
5. Brian M. / Right inner forearm, Ink from tattoo of samurai warrior positioned in a wide stance, sword drawn over shoulder preparing to weld sword. Intentional
6. Cherie / Rounded scar right jaw forward of ear on jaw line at rear curve slightly under jaw. Accidental.
7. Debbie / Vertical wide C Section scar below belly button to pubic line. Medical
8. Alysia / 3 stab wounds staggered along right inner front calf below knee. Intentional Harm

Are you still hungry for more ? For another round of self test try these additional questions below..

Instructions: Draw your own yes / no boxes to scan for heavy response as the correct answer here. On multiple choice write A, B, C, D and scan for the heavy response lets keep it very simple, no need for long drawn out wording..

1. On Lisa during surgery was the tendon intentionally cut ? yes or no
2. Is Lisa still in pain from that surgery today June 8,2006 ? yes or no
3. Where was Duane W. entry wound located ? A. side of head B. rear of head C. under chin or D. in mouth
4. What was Andrew C. left knee injury from ? A. soccer B. baseball C. football D. wrestling
5. Draw Andrew C's Left kneecap ( oval surrogate image ), then Date this at 12/ 20/ 2005 Locate any fractures, and there position as compared to a clock face.
6. How many times has Debbie undergone the vertical C section procedure ? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 or D. 4

( Answer's Below )

1. yes 2. yes 3. in mouth (you needed to think outside the box here, and needed to have drawn an open mouth to locate this injury. ) 4. C. football 5. 3 fractures at the edge, in the 7 to 8 O' clock position, each slightly shorter than the one at 7 O' clock position. 6. C. 3

Aura Basic's

Aura's indicate life to begin a base understanding of how a living aura feel's compared to a non existent aura. Make your next intent task a aura read, then sweep any person's name on the list as your target using your surrogate image EXCEPT Duane W, then compare Duane's aura response his will be non existent. His indicates a currently dead person, always use dates to check specific time lines.

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Dowsing: Pensweeping The Skin, Self Test Answers
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